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Am awake news time six twenty three we're old check traffic and weather together right now as I look out the window studio B. it is very wet this morning but also very green south let's look on the bright side however it's not really helping things on the roadways Roger brand has the latest in the steeple traffic center no it's not but that's all the case whenever it rains we have problems even when there's like a rolling on these highways we still have trouble out here we had a couple of accidents to start the morning off or on the interstate's westbound to seventy north county the clear that one that was at the interval that's good news for this to work in this one involving a tractor trailer and multiple vehicles on eastbound forty four as you enter the Merrimack River bridge construction zone just before G. seventy only the left lane is open on the spot forty four and it's a solid champ after basically falls Avenue ninety four poly they're wrapping up an earlier earlier accident with injuries at westbound three seventeen year through the report of a car for a voice on Friday can't find it right now is to offer with all the marketing an overturned vehicle accident they said the vehicle was abandoned so I guess that means nobody was hurt but that's on a one eleven at or rather Sinclair Avenue near one eleven my trees so watch for maybe some minor restrictions or no police are on scene trying to figure out what all happened after that see and then south county north of and we have a report of tree branches blocking the southbound lane of D. at that point as well so this take it easy on the roads are wet plan a couple extra minutes at least on your commute hopefully will get by without too many more accidents also to correspond out he's not sixty four east of Alice recently next update at six thirty for most people traffic center we are going to get periods of rain throughout the day today with a high of sixty five partly cloudy tonight low forty eight some early sun tomorrow will give way to clouds a high of seventy.

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