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Star, Boy, George, Georgia's back on the voice, Australia after an admitted diva moment, he leads today's birthday roundup and last month. He stormed off the set after a contestant made a comment. He felt was dismissive. What's on? What's going on? I'm annoyed. Boy, George is fifty eight on the recent live episode of the jeffersons, Marla Gibbs came back to play Florence the made to a very warm reception. Jefferson. She's eighty eight and Lucy HALE star in the Riverdale spinoff, Katy Keene about a group of young people. Trying to make it on Broadway. I city that never sleeps, New York has a lot of journalist, she's thirty and that's our birthday round up for June fourteenth. I'm Bob Kessler the sale of sealed. Video evidence in the murder trial of Marian shook night has led to a no contest plea from his business partner. Mark Blankenship entered the plea Wednesday to account of conspiracy to obstruct Justice prosecutors say, Blankenship, and nights girlfriend range, to sell surveillance video from a competent hamburger stand that shows night, hitting two men with his truck in two thousand fifteen one of those men died TMZ bought the video for fifty five thousand dollars after a judge in nights case at bar. Its public release Blankenship was sentenced to five years of probation in order to pay fifty five grand in restitution to the hamburger. Stand is co-defendant. Toyland. Kelly pleaded no contest to conspiracy in two thousand seventeen and received probation and community service night is serving a twenty eight year sentence for pleading. No contest to voluntary manslaughter. Deadly hazardous spill. I'm Tim Maguire the AP news. One person is dead and nine others have been taken to a hospital following a hazardous material spill possibly farm. Chemical Amherst county. California sheriff's department says deputies responded to the scene found the person who had died along with another person who was treated for exposure to ambulance staffers and six deputies also being treated White House press secretary Sarah Sanders who tangled with reporters and eventually limited press briefings is leaving the Trump administration at the end of the month. In the meantime, I'm gonna continue to be one of the most outspoken, and loyal supporters of the president and his agenda. And I know he's going to have an incredible six more years and get a whole lot more done. Sanders is returning to her home in Arkansas, a South Carolina father sentenced to death for killing his five children to Mathie Jones junior admitted he exercised his six-year-old son, until he collapsed and died decided to kill the other four children. I'm Tim Maguire. AP digital news. Back in a moment. Thank you for after a long day of being pulled in every direction. The last thing anyone wants to think about is what's for dinner. That's where Schwantz can help with a variety.

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