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Scott tannen founder of boll branch were you can get the world's most comfortable sheets for less than half of what you'd pay in a store our sheets are made from one hundred percent organic cotton and get softer over time even three us presidents have boll branch sheets try them for thirty nights if you don't love them send them back for a full refund go to bollandbranch dot com today for fifty dollars off your first set of sheets plus free shipping with promo code sleep spelled b o l l and branch dot com that's boll branch dot com promo code sleep and make my texassuperfood from fifty five raw vine ripened fruits and vegetables you can see all 55 on texassuperfood dot com all new aid onodera allah karam i remember you i've been on food i haven't been i'm dennis black joined on texassuperfood dot com texassuperfood dot com or call eight seven seven fifty five texas that's eight hundred seven fifty five texas eight seven seven five five texas pie everybody i'm charlie james host of the tma morning show you know on the tma morning show you won't get any or even certainly no blah blah blah blah blah we'll give is accurate information informed opinion and stimulating conversation we'll throw in a little and the occasional so join me charlie james of the tma morning show six to ten in the morning on the big talker twelve fifty wtma wtma dot com houyang is too young for children.

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