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California has staked out turf on the right in a run for attorney general. These people up in Sacramento. I call it the Polit Bureau. One party rule. Eric Early, announced his candidacy for a G by outlining an agenda catering the Conservatives in California. We got some rogue Dia's district attorneys in this state right now early, says he would bring them in line. He also tapped into social issue. That he says he would have power to influence critical race theory. When I'm attorney general State of California do whatever I can outlaw that The primary election is next June in Bourbon, Chris and Carl. Okay, if I knew President Biden has ended his negotiations with Republican leaders, lawmakers rather over his nearly $2 trillion infrastructure plan. White House press secretary Jen Psaki says the leaders could not reach an agreement on the size and structure of the plan. The president has come down by about a trillion dollars. That's quite a bit Jackie says Biden will continue to work with lawmakers from both parties to try to come up with a compromise. Over the next couple weeks, A study at the Cleveland Clinic has found. The people who have had covid 19 get no additional benefit from being vaccinated. More than 52,000 employees were part of the study, It found vaccination significantly reduce the risk of infection of people who have not had covid. Researchers say there was no significant difference between people who have been infected and are not vaccinated. People infected who are vaccinated and people who have not had covid but are vaccinated. The study says. Vaccine should go to the most vulnerable populations and health officials have come up with a bribe to get people vaccinated. That bribe comes in the form of a joint as in marijuana dispensaries in Washington state can now offer some weed to people who stop by for a covid 19 vaccine..

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