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Favorite movies were animated ones. Luca Vivo and Mitchell versus the machines. When I tell you, John Then I was weeping during Mitchell and versus the machine. It was so emotional and Amanda emails I saw in the heights and theaters. I loved it, even though not many people were in the theater. I'm blind and I used audio description. The describe ER did a great job with the characters and dancing great to be back in theaters again. We also want to hear from you. What were your favorite summer movies? And what were your least favorite? Let us know you can comment on our Facebook page tweet us. At one. A. Orson is an email at one A at W. A m u dot org. Here's the message we got from Larry in South Carolina. Took my wife to see the movie respect the Jennifer Hudson and other people in it, and I love the movie. I think the movies it was a good first step. On coming back. As far as moviedom is considered. I can't imagine Jennifer Hudson not getting the Academy Award for best actress, so she was just great in that movie, A lot of good music a lot of good acting really enjoy the movie. And she was handpicked by Aretha Franklin to play that role. Quick Roundtable, John, your take on respect. I mean, I think it's a good movie. I mean, I think the scenes in which Aretha is writing songs and kind of coming up with the way that these songs are going to be executed is really good at the creative part of songwriting and performance to me is the best part of the film. You know, there's a lot of what I will call movie of the week stuff. And that's like the backstage drama between her and her father. Um, a lot of that feels a little generic and familiar. But the scenes where Jennifer is singing and the scenes where her character Aretha is writing music, I think are really good. And if you like Aretha and the way the movie ends, it ends with, you know, a famous concert that has documented In a documentary called Amazing Grace. It does have a rarely nice beginning and end. Um and she is an incredible as the performer and the singer and the story. Jacqueline. What about you? I mean, I think it falls a line with a lot of these sort of biopics, sort of music biopics that have happened lately. The film I don't feel completely 100% gels. I should say that I'm a huge fan of it. But this movie was made for me as someone that listen to Aretha Every Saturday morning. I was not the conversion audience for it. But it does have a little bit of as John said the very predictable beats of music biopic, However, Jennifer Hudson was just built to play this role. She's incredible. There's a great video of her on Stephen Colbert breaking down the difference between her singing a song versus Aretha Aretha sings from her head, and Jennifer sings from her feet. It's I mean, amazing, not reward that so I do hope she gets her time in the Oscar spotlight like You know Renee Zellweger did when she played Judy Garland. And also as Audrey Day did when she played, Um Billie Holiday for United States for Civility. Holiday Dave, your take. Oh, I mean, I think the movie is what everybody said, and it did not benefit from the fact that it is not a movie you have to see in the theater. Um, The conversation in the world is not about movies, and it's certainly not about adult movies like respect. It's It did not get the cultural approval that these movies usually get what we're talking about them, and we're considering. You know, Aretha as a figure. We're not talking about this movie because there's so many other things to talk about. And I think that's that's like ruining some of these rollouts for for more adult fare movies that aren't type is we're not talking about them the way that we usually do where there's there's a cultural conversation. There's a dialogue about The the adult movie the Oscar Bait movies, So I hope that in the fall people do see this movie and they consider Jennifer Hudson because she is a remarkable talent. There's nobody like her. Working in cinema right now. Well, we got this email from Mary, who says, Please comment on the unusual good films like a Net pig and still water Mary. We actually had a conversation about that this morning during our meeting or editorial meeting where we were noting some of the unusual films that have come out during the season. We will definitely get To that. We also got this email from Sally, who said went back to the movies. For the first time in 18 months, the theater did a great job in helping the movie goers be very comfortable saw a net. With Adam Driver and Marianne Courtyard. Both deserve awards. But we'll get back into some of your recommendations for good summer fair Or maybe some movies you think we should avoid. You can email us at one. A. A. W am you dot org. Leave a message on our Facebook page or just tweet us at one. A. We're discussing the summer movie season with Jacqueline Coley of Rotten Tomatoes. John Horn of Kpcc and Dave Schilling Post of the Galaxy, Brains podcast. I'm Jenn White. We'll hear more from you and our guests in a moment. But like a wow. Break it down like good. Mhm. Four. On the next fresh air. The songwriter of Schmid, a dune, the series that lovingly satirizes musicals of the forties and early fifties, we meet Cinco Paul, who also co created and co wrote the series, which is screaming on.

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