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Rams looked awful. The bills look better than I thought. And this was the worst case scenario for me. Because now the bills fans. First of all, bill's fans settle down. Act like you've been there before. You've won zero super bowls. Don't start straighten your chest out because you won a game. It was a very fair question to ask. Are we overrated in the bills a little bit? Are we throwing them into this Super Bowl without even playing the season yet? Are we just penciling them in for 20 now? Well, it looks like they could go 20 now after today. I think it's a fair question now. The bills killed the ramps, it was tough to watch because at halftime it was ten to ten. The rams had gotten three turnovers from the bills. And when you're home and you're only tied after getting three turnovers, you should be up by at least a touchdown. So that's what I knew. And then you get into this whole game one thing to a hedge. Should I just take the bills? Well, if I hedge the first part, I could still lose the second part. None of it mattered because the bills absolutely dominated. I mean, the first downs on third down there were 9 for ten. They had 22 first downs at all. I don't think we saw their punter, maybe we did in the fourth quarter. I can't even remember. They were dominant. And to me, the stuff that I noticed between the two teams was that the bills seemed like they actually added to their team and made their team better. Von Miller was huge, obviously. If you watch the game, you know that that was one of the biggest parts in the game. Jamison Crowder actually helped them. Isaiah McKenzie, who had some moments last year, just looked like they were a little more well rounded. And their offensive line, they were running behind the left side and just pounding. So I felt better about the 2022 bills than I did about the 2021 bills. Again, it's one game. The thing I really want to talk about is the ramps because the rams you could feel it the whole game. They couldn't block the running backs. I thought all three backs on the bills look better than any of the rams running backs. It was cut by himself. We never saw Alan Robinson. At one point, I was trying to remember the Emmanuel Sanders retire or Alan Robertson, then I realized it was a manual standards. Robinson was out there. Was doing a lot that had no deep threat. They obviously missed Odell in a huge way. They missed the way he could stretch the field. But over and over again, it just kind of felt like it was cup and a bunch of random dudes, which is how the Super Bowl felt and they pulled it off and they barely wanted to have that drive. But this time around you think they lose von Miller there replace them with Wagner who did not have the greatest game. The offensive line they lose Andrew Whitworth so the offensive line looks worse. The running backs, they never address that. Collinsworth mentioned there might be too much pressure on cup. And you could feel it there in the game. At one point, I think he had probably 60 percent of the targets that Stafford had. So there's that, what is he going to have a 170 targets this year? They're just going to have to figure out how to help them in some way. The game management was awful. What they did in the last three minutes, I thought that was bad where they called time out with two 16 left, basically gave buffalo fourth time out. Somehow got an interception. And then couldn't even figure out how to manage the clock. They settled for a field goal of ten ten. Then they start the third quarter. Guy takes it out of the end zone, gets tackled at the ten, three and out, buffalo has the ball basically in midfield. And at that point, you would bet anything buffalo is going to win the game. All of this was really, really alarming, I felt. And there's some Super Bowl hangover stuff that you feel like is a piece of this. So I went back and I looked at the 20 first century teams that just kind of stumped the next season. Stunk for a Super Bowl champ, right? And we have 5. We have the 2003 Buccaneers who went 7 and 9 after they won the Super Bowl. The 2006 dealers 8 and 8. And that they had the Roethlisberger off the field stuff. There were some off the field stuff that I think affected that. 2012

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