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Mayweather mcgregor have a lot to live up to they been hyping that they hype this before they even agreed to fight one another the lead up has been a little bit more about it being a spectacle than an actual fight and then you have to wonder what are you paying for there are two of the best in their respective sports and you're asking them to be that when they get in the ring i don't know if that's realistic mcgregor's never box professional ing maybe there's a spectacle in the ring maybe there's a mike tysonevander holyfield moment or member when the up paraglider came in for the riddick bowe evander holyfield fight he landed ringside mcgregor could be the showman you know in the octagon it's a little bit different here how much of his showman can you be how much of the showman is mayweather going to be after that boring fight with many patio does he keep may conor mcgregor in their longer than he needs to indulge say mcgregor does not have a chance you have that's why the cold a punchers chance in other sports you can't deliver just a knockout blow like literally a knockout blow if alabama is playing a division threeteam the division three team has no chance if you said if they score once they win then they have a chance that's all it is you're looking for a fluke play and that's what it will take four conor mcgregor to win this fight but you can't say he has no chance it's called a punchers chance buster douglas had no chance against mike tyson he was fifty to one he had a chance because he had one punch tyson got caught and never recovered.

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