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He appointed Yana who appointed as pence virus. Czar that's not the right phrase. Yeah Yeah but they appointed Mike Pence which like has drawn a lot of criticism because his history on yeah pandemics or on and it's spotty at best you know. He presided over an HIV outbreak in his home state of Indiana when he was governor because he was reluctant to oversee a needle exchange program. Yeah exactly so. People are a little sceptical and they just announced yesterday that all the messaging rule go through pence who can say what on TV basically. They want to have the same message all across. There's so much going on here with our response and our leaders are doing but there are also some bigger questions about you know what world leaders will do this year particularly regarding something like the Olympic passing. That's happening this summer in the summer. Where in Tokyo and there's rumors at least that it might not. Yeah there's been some concerns within the industry. I mean you know. Lots of sporting events have been cancelled right now all across Europe so naturally. It's something that they're thinking about. But you know someone from the The committee top official basically said the other day like we don't have any plans to cancel. So we'll see my question for you. Both y'all cover the markets shell cover business for marketplace in terms of like how to be a good consumer and all of this. What should we be doing besides living our lives as normal and washing our hands right right? Yeah I mean. I think that there's not much you can do for sure. Listen to and this isn't really by being consumer it's just about being person but listen to what the CDC's saying why's your hands. Don't put your hands on your mouth when you touch the DOORKNOB. Don't bite your nails. Yeah probably don't do that in general But also I think for people who are worried about their retirement accounts or their investment accounts. Check right now. Yeah it's like if you're investing for the longterm just leave it alone set it and forget it and also I don't know I think it's important to note that right now. It's still a low risk. Be careful say but like I don't know crazy levels of fear doesn't really help. We want to be alarmist. Yeah as we have just given up through me for the last fifteen minutes kind of what I want to hear on the radio and see on. Tv Right now and reading the paper. Is someone just saying this school? Not anyways we shall see All right we're going to break now when we come back. We're going to lighten the mood with little talk about reality show you might have heard of. It is called. Love is blind and it is a show all about strangers proposing to each other before they ever get to see what the other person looks like After the break we'll talk not just with one of contestants. We do that while. Stop with the TV critic about why we all love the show right now. 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Npr's life kid has a whole episode on what steps you can take to protect your family. Listen and subscribe to life guest Rebecca. You're listening to it's been a minute from NPR. I'm Sam Sanders and I'm GonNa take some time now to talk about this. New Reality Show a net flicks that I have been obsessed with. Maybe you've heard of it. It is called love is blind. I've met the person I want to spend the rest of my life. I've never seen her before you choose someone to marry. How nice to hear from you without ever seeing this show. It's a big hit. Netflix says a few times since its release. It has been the number one show on Netflix. In America like for several days on love is blind. Contestants cannot see each other. They meet from behind a wall. They have dates without seeing each other behind those walls and then they propose to each other only after that do this either fiance and start a new life together and live in the same apartment and planned bachelor and Bachelorette parties and then walked down the aisle or not all on cameras. You'd said Yes semi twice once behind a wall and once in person this is Mark Cuevas. He is one of the contestants who's trying to figure things out with his potential partner. Jessica but you said he was actually got the chance to talk with mark this week. So excited We spoke before the rest of the season of this show dropped on Thursday so listeners. If you've watched already there are no spoilers and never thought in my entire life beyond reality television or any kind of TV. Show at the fact like I never thought I would do that but I kept telling myself throughout the whole process like why not so. I asked Mark to tell me the biggest change in his life since his very popular series premiered getting used to sell fees on the people take wanting to take is pretty interesting. I was at my apartment. Jim and someone walked away. Hey can I get a selfie? And I'm like what what I loved about. Love is blind. Is that the drama and the fights on this reality show. They actually felt real like there's this moment when one of the contestants amber she tells her new fiance Barnett that she's got some financial problems haven't average credit score thank great. It's not bad and there's my student how much talk else twenty grandes that I have not been paying on on. You know. Mark agreed that this sort of realism is. What makes this show such a good watch? There is real love stories here. There's a lot of you know things that aren't as great. But that's the real life stories like if everything was just happy sunshine and roses. I don't think anybody would watch you know because it's not real and I think that they get the real authentic because we aren't active like everything I felt I felt it in the moment and I was just real. It'd be myself but mark also told me some of what you see on the show like Jessica and him living together. It's not entirely real home. Base for her was her home in her dog. I understood that she was always travelling a lot too so they got kind of taken out of context. I'm in here. And she does have her career that she has to do like the world didn't stop for like the show you know and so. I didn't really get to see her as much anyway. Besides that I wanted to ask mark ultimately if the premise of the show that love is blind that love can be blind does mark one of the contestants think that's true it can be. I think that we have so much internal dialog that we stop ourselves from like genuinely feeling a connection like a like me. Do they have this job or this? Hyper the this. But like it's like when we can take a second and actually like shut that voice off. Mb present in the moment and feel that other person for who they are in like it. You know obviously physical attraction shirts important but can you deeply connect with that person in like you feel them listening to you? That was Mark Cuevas. He is one of the contestants on the net flicks reality show. Love is blind in. Y'All we're not done talking about this show yet. I wanted to figure out why the show has tapped such a nerve right now so like all the book critic who has written a lot about reality. Tv Hello Hank. Hi How are you? I'm good how are you? It's been a minute? Has Hank Stewart TV critic at the Washington Post and asked him? I whether this show love is blind is.

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