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FM welcome back to coast to coast Randall Carlson with us Randall what happened assuming there were people around during the ice age what happened to them I mean my god where did they go where did Randall bill there you go Randall yes I'm here yeah assuming the there were people around during the ice age where did that where did they go George is one of the great mysteries are you know in North America it was the Clovis culture that appear to have shown up rather suddenly around thirteen thousand four hundred years ago they were around for you know what those few those same treason in about twelve thousand nine hundred years ago right there with the onset of the younger dryas the basically disappear and their disappearance coincided with the rapid in sudden extinction of the great megafauna that inhabited the earth throughout most of the ice age periods some in some cases going back hundreds of thousands of years so you know in in North America there were four species of Provo CDNs meaning real elephants essentially okay you had three different species of of mammoths and you had mastodons you had it it was huge bears she you know the short faced bear you had the the the a saber tooth cat to you had huge camels in beavers and the list goes on and on and on the dire wolves they all disappeared very quickly right around the younger dryas boundary well you heard about the mastodon that was discovered in Siberia frozen with food still in its mouth I mean it happens instantly yeah that was the parasol commandments discovered nineteen oh one excavated around nineteen oh four and just like you said it was found to have been very rapidly frozen because it had fact it'd been eating flowering plants that generally look like they would have been early to mid autumn at the time that the that the mammoth was grazing mammoths were grazers and what was interesting was a couple of things one was that the contents the there was actually mouthful of food that had not yet been swallowed that's right ma'am what's it been chewing on was also the contents of the stomach it not puter fight so that means that it had to have been frozen the entire mammoth carcass had different frozen somewhere within a period of about ten or twelve hours or the stomach contents would begin to he was flash frozen wasn't flash frozen in the other thing that was interesting was you know the the the mammoth was sitting on his haunches and both of his hip bones were broken like he was back on his haunches very.

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