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It supports a far more flexible. Like, you can get yourself lost you can create something so complex. So I have all of the machines that are out there synchronizing a snippet of of their directory structure back to a a compound directory structure on the drove. Oh, which Lori is able to see some of the folders are one way synchronizing so that for example, logs that are that are external synchronized back to us. Some of them are are the other one way in the other direction so that Lori drops a media file that she wants to go out to everybody. She just drops it in the media folder on the job Oh and the next time everybody connects they get updated automatically. And then some things are bidirectional synchronize so that the most current copy is synchronized anyway sink thing dot net is that and it's it. There's an investment you need because it's Kinda funky the way it works it took a while for me I was going for a while but once you understand the way it works, there's just nothing it can't do in terms of of like options and features and and the the complexity that you're able to maintain and again, all nap penetrating you can open a port if you want, you can allow to you to you too UPNP if you want or you can allow it to use external relay servers. And it will do that as well as you see I ferry happy user for the last five or six months. I didn't know that. I love sing thing because you don't need a third party clouds coverage if you have enough to. them all in fact, after you mentioned sink dot com kind of was looking for other things I tried other third party stuff. Then I found sink thing I said Oh, that's exactly what Steve Needs I've been meaning I mean. FOR SOME TIME But it's really great. All My systems are on it, which is nice. If you have multiple systems because then Yup keep stuff in in sync. Hands on.

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