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And ub soft basically charging sixty pound sixty dollars per game. An infinite full of microtransactions unbound getting vulnerable paypal and all of the advertisements as well larry game as well on again but you paid sixty quit full. The corporate practices of triple ca a aaa concert. Jim sterling has trump say. He's a line of work that ready because goes welcome. Could triple apple is awesome thing yeah triple. Capitalism is kind of mashed awesome. Things together is just repugnant and vile friday. Is it something lake cocoon populism auditor. It gets to connect because. I'll never get it in. Watch it and i'm not doing that in the middle of the episode a i was gonna say was gonna try copy trip liberalism. Yes i'm also in a pint is there's not been as many classics as you think there yet When you say it best playstation four games guarantee you every single time last voice pat to is one last was remastered is another well as not as another thing besides pie gotta voire yup spiderman the up blood bon the up Reisen zero don. Yep john john you wanna try a few more. 'cause they're they're the most obvious games. They are literally the most obvious games. That you you. It's like someone put a check box next to the you know the games that everybody is supposed to like on this console said yet these the best games on the console but these is this just. These games have incredible. Production values. Incredible stories incredible action. Incredible scam systems book. The put all of their eggs into very small baskets and which leads me. To the next point all of those baskets third person action adventure baskets which is appoint amid on a previous episode. I said something. Like i'm all playstation doubt and somebody come and said l. plus in thou very likely. Starry very sarcastically. Like you couldn't possibly be sick a plan. The same brand of crafting heavy or poom. Well third person action adventure game of an emotional story and over and over and over and over and over again that you have to like that saw thing which i think is just bogus plus opposition. Not means he's wanna play a different style of game when you talk. Plus they should at the very least. All of their games are just what i described. Anita barring primarily even playstation themselves of actually acknowledged this unnecessary. That need to be things in the in this generation yet plus prime example of what you're saying is another gab. Right gossip is on the list book. Another game the everyone claims is the one of best blessings playstation four games of this generation. Right death stranding. No one ever played. It will it. Has its defenders. The house has plenty of defenders. All when a game needs defenders. That genuinely tells you it's not all it's cracked up to be yet..

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