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Know you know with is you've been do by you having a bath because he sounds like he's talking on the water it's gone alex's going gun might my theory disl we just lost my few that is he what what did did you you do do you know what robby we're going to get game back on a phone line of all the people doing our podcast cast if there was one of his is going to do it from dubai five as i said i would've said i would never set the ping pong guy you've changed my view saieed you've changed guy i'm on the phone the same studios hey can you hear me now can you may know must must be be awful awful to the press on sports so i was going to say that i think that there is a role for journalists who aren't necessarily people who've made it to the very pinnacle of sport able to tell a story that the public can relate to and to explore why two themes that nevertheless important but all about the intricacies of the sport did you see what i mean thing like roby's question when he said you don't know you've never been eight sounds absolutely awful boot's rather than the journalist i've been a little bit of an issue about it or ganging together i'm pilot on robbie savage why did not come by with a constructive constructive reason saying well this is what we can do robin getting a bit shirt she about it that's what a finally journalists it looked questioning plays they live question sports people question them they close ranks i think we all defensive we can be a bit prickly about that but that's why i think in most good newspaper coverage and all good radio and television coverage you have the journalists but you also have experts like we'll be savage writing in the mirror like you freddie i think you had a column in a newspaper at one time so you get the balance between the people who have one in the game in one outside the game and then you have the as it were the stall columnist who provides the inside analysis that the public looking for too so i think you can get a balance of the two as well obviously finale now very ill and then that was the wrong question on i've never said it ever again but jews thickness some gymnasts out there that will look myself and fred thinking hang on a minute these guys on journalists trained these guys have swarmed into this job because of they've played football and haven't did it did it as a bit of resentment from some journalists the same gang on these guys then x pounds in their careers and they've just swarmed into new job without doing the necessary training for it and you can kind of understand it i'm not me i don't understand it because you've just said on the one hand to give an insight that the joe's couldn't get so why do they get the i've i've fold follow this of odem i've been questioned saying oh you already do co for off and we got more than me well because not often you get more than you'll ever know soon more than you ever know criticism i say you can understand it i think it's quite human reaction when somebody is coming onto your turf earning more money getting high profile getting headlines and you think it's your profession but i don't think it's reasonable justified tool for one minute i mean member i go to bit of this and i came from spool suddenly parachuted into the times i didn't have to go through a local newspaper like many others have to do michael atherton he's chief cricket correspondent of the times now i think they must be a bit of resentment he said that pingpong fellow swans in here as i was going to go for because just about the psychology of what it's like for example you fred you on top of the lulled you.

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