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Theseus Maru Retailers of the England all wheel drive traffic on the threes back in the trouble downtown like It's been one thing after the next downtown, Ben. Yeah, we've got a terrible ride coming up through the city. Let's check in with the WBC news radio traffic copter. It looks like we just had a demolition derby on the Zika Bridge north about It's a five car pile up. A lot of these vehicles are going to be leaving on flatbeds with smashed in front. End's. We've got a rear bumper missing off another one. Two left lanes air knocked out on the sake of north bound that's quickly backing up the door found subtle that'll be back under the expressway in no time story drive east of the main time is back to the Longfellow Bridge. We'll see if that gets worse, with curiosity for people on the lever up ramp looking across it that over in East Boston, why don't still very slow from red around a square all the way up toward Boardman straight? Mr. Back in the WBC news, radio traffic copter? Yeah. Tough getting out of town to its the expressway South bound. That's hardly moving at all from the tunnel down to Savin Hill and from granted, after all the way to route 24 North bound delays coming in Not as bad granted, have a past deposit. But then a real grind coming up towards the tunnel. And it's like that up to the crash on the second Bridge, Obviously, all right, 1 28 South delays Highland Dev Right down into Westwood. Then you get on to 93 north. Your excuse me your back in it from 95 to route 24 delays on the pike Westbound, of course, from Newton Corner out towards the western state Police barracks. Then you're locked up over four miles to graft in. It's a crash cleanup going on before we won 22 the worst of it up to the North Rally. I'd say 1 28 north is just a grind from three A in Burlington up into Lynnfield. My king, deadly busy traffic on the three. Now we check the four day WBC active weather forecast meteorologist Brian Thompson is with us. We got a little bit of witness to get through a bit of humidity to get through, and then we're gonna be in the oven over the weekend..

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