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Mayweather mcgregor fight after the fight he was walking back to his hotel he writes several hundred people heard gunshots he like many people ran and he writes las vegas police singled him out pointed their guns at him for doing nothing more he says that simply being a black man in the wrong place at the wrong time you also said in the post that the officer put a gun to do said and threatened to blow as head off while another put his knee in bennett's back so hard that he could not brief police reviewed eight hundred sixty one videos from police body cameras in surrounding surveillance z here that's mr opinion entry into the nightclub point one to sheriff is making bennett wasn't walkie back to his hotel he was entering a nightclub inside that nightclub a fight broke out bennett not involved in the fight but during the fight metal stanchions were knocked to the ground which sounded like gunshots resulting in a nine one one call of an active shooter and police response they tell everyone to get please body camera showing bennett running in a krause position past slot missions through a door jumping a metal railing onto the street others rant tube with the sheriff says what made bennett's movement stand out along with two others who ran is the way they ran escaping versus seeking shelter of the videos reviewed by police none show what bennett alleged in his social media post that he was singled out because he was black most of the patrons at the nightclub were black and to others who ran were also stopped one hispanic and one black nothing shows he had a gun pointed to his head you see in one video that he has gone out but as far as pointing directly at his head reconsider nor says lombardo is heard the threat to shoot him also know second officer with his need to bennett's back after determining there was no active shooter about seventeen minutes than it was released the sheriff says there was still an internal review on procedures under way but about his officers the sheriff says going through the evidence it's evident that he acted appropriately than it did finally filed a formal complaint a few days ago what is attorney says for now he sticking to a statements i'm jim rupe ten till friday sports here's robert workman halfway to.

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