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At glendale twentyfive glendale street it started at about two o'clock about an hour ago at least one person had to be rescued there's no word on on injuries firefighters say that everyone has been accounted for a vigil was held last night for the fifteen year old boy who drowned in his high school pools on tuesday kcbs gentlemen reports from the san ramon valley high school in danville with flowers and shoes and messages of love and support for his family the memorial to fifteen year old ben curry is growing after he he was found unconscious in the schools pool a staff member and paramedics tried to revive him but he was pronounced dead at the hospital police are calling it an drowning with an official cause of death still at least a week away school officials are calling it a tragedy elizabeth grass which speaks for the san ramon valley school district what has been very heartwarming today is the amount of community support that we've had we had pta there with breakfast for the kids just to kind of give them a nice warm welcome as they were walking in we had staff from throughout the district come to support our staff at thurmond valley high school in danville gentlemen kcbs has crews say the twelve people were overcome in a classroom at oak grove high school in san jose yesterday afternoon there's no official word on what the substance was but pepper spray is suspected kcbs has megan goalby reports thompson was walking by the classroom when he heard a lot of coughing some of his friends came out there would really sick their eyes were red puppy their eyes were watering time the twelve students and adults were complaining of irritation and breathing problems san jose fire captain mitch matt low says they were decontaminated and that includes being sprayed with a fire hose six of them were then taken for medical treatment large group of students who left we tried to get back here to the campus so we could decontaminate and assess them they have the majority of them have not yet returned if one of those students who left here's this message what we want them to do is shower at home wash their clothing and if.

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