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Too. He was Governor Frank O'Bannon's lieutenant governor and stepped into the role of chief executive after abandons unexpected death. So there was Joe Kernen seeking his own elected term in this debate in 2004. I appreciate the extraordinary opportunity that I've had over the course of the last 13 months to serve as governor of this great state, I want to continue Turn and lost that election to Mitch Daniels in 2000 for not Justin Opponent, Daniel says Kernan was also an ally and adviser at different times and always a friend, Joe Kernen, died today at the age of 74. A rising infection rate convinces Governor Eric Holcomb that he should keep existing Cronus virus restrictions in place for local governments. Of course on we support. Could be more stringent if they find themselves in a situation where they want. Impose more stringent guidelines than the state is another 630 Hoosiers with the virus not counting Mondays, which are normally lower because of slower reporting on Sundays. It's the fewest since June 12th but there were also fewer test reported the rate of positives was 8.4%. High school sports are on is planned for the fall season. Kurt Darling reports administrators with the Met Wednesday morning to discuss it and have decided that all fall sports at Indiana's high schools will go on as scheduled. No delays and no cancellations with that girl's golf practice starts this Friday as planned. All other sports can start practicing Monday, August 3rd. Molly Ball matches will start August 15th in football on the 21st the suspended all winter sports back in early March and cancelled the spring sports season soon after, when the Corona virus pandemic first hit the state. Kirk Darling. 93 w Y B C Mobile news minute away from traffic and weather is get Grill ready with WalMart Find all your faves like Oscar Mayer hotdogs, Kraft Singles and Heinz.

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