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Now that's one open. The footballing assassin, raul Rui Diaz. Clear eyed cold blooded. Nobody in MLS does it better. Football. I met guys live in underway here on ESPN+ and live and underway from Allianz field. A beautiful stadium in perfect St. Paul, Minnesota. And we're coming to you live in the aftermath of another showdown between Major League Soccer and ligaments. And this time again, it's MLS that comes out on top in the all star format two one winners. Hercules Gomez, sevi Salazar, you know us. It's a big game. We had to bring in the big guns. Ben Olsen, man, thanks for taking some time. Brother for having me. I feel really honored tonight. How sad does he look? How sad does he look? He looks great. That's not good. At least it wasn't dosa, okay? At least it wasn't dosa. It got really good towards the end. It almost felt like it was going to be a two two, right? Yep. And it was a good game, right? I mean, it lived up to it was a good game. It was right, the energy crowd night, everything this was a really good night. No. No, no, no, I didn't think it was that bad. Yeah. He just took his shoe off. You know, try putting it back on. You know, listen, I thought it was good. I didn't think it was as chippy as I thought it was going to get a little bit nastier at times. So I thought it was well behaved, but still the pace was right. And a lot of quality. You think it was this chippy as last year, 'cause I remember right away. I know. I thought last year was more. It was cheaper. This year, it's still a lot of heavy tackles, still a lot of complaining, so I get inside the referee's face. Absolutely, some questionable calls. I thought maybe Liga Mickey's had a legit claim for a handball to me it was a handball. But all around a good show, the stars came out, right? The guys who were supposed to show up those big players, they showed up. We did have VAR. They didn't really use it too much, and maybe the league on X fans will hope that they had. Let's check out the highlights from this game, 90 minutes of brilliant action here in St. Paul, Minnesota, between MLS and ligaments. And the atmosphere, I mean, right from the get go, you knew it was going to be special, a sold out crowd here at Allianz field. And how about this in the third minute of the game Ben Carlos vela at the back post? He doesn't get many of those, but I don't think he could miss, but great spot. Great service, a little connection there from LAFC. So great start from them. JK palacios trying to earn an Ecuadorian national team spot in this World Cup in Russia I bet Mexico would love to have an informed Carlos villa like that. I'm sorry, that's it, Russia, Qatar. In my talking about. It was only four years ago. Don't worry. Then came to life as the first half war on. Who do you afford to play are you really like Ben just missing here? Yeah, this was the most of the first half. They did a fantastic job overloading the wings and being super dangerous and Dane saved him once or twice and they had some real resolve throughout the night MLS and Liga max was very unlucky not to get one in the first half. It was one zero into the second half and it looked like it was going to be two nothing here Brandon Baskin to Paul areola, but offside her. Yeah, he's offside. He's clearly outside, but this is what I love. The composure, a young player like that oftentimes, thinks I gotta whip it across. I gotta hit it hard. Maybe shoot on gold. He took a touch, got his head up. Especially forwards. Surprised he didn't shoot it. What are you saying? In the 70th minute, Carlos hill goes down, pointing to the spot. Can we get a consensus here? Was it a penalty or not? And I think this is questionable. I think this is a bad touch by God of the sea. I don't know about you, Benny. The tough one for me. I think in this game, probably a no call and then you don't have to bring VAR into it. Converts from the penalty spot to make it two nothing and then Kevin out of it as the pachuca man hurt. A lot of good right backs on this play. And his competition pride behind cortico Sanchez right there if Gary knows where they go lasso. Now there it is, the final score two to one between these two sides. The game lived up to the hype. The atmosphere lived up to the hype too, didn't it? Great atmosphere. I mean, besides the unfortunate chant, I thought the atmosphere was stellar. Lots of league I make these fans in the stands. Plenty of Major League Soccer fans, Minnesota, united fans, of course, made themselves heard, cheering on their boys, making this to my liking is probably the best stadium atmosphere. I shouldn't say man. It's the best stadium. I've experienced it. You're walking around here. I've been here before. I've coached here. I've seen this on a game where you're actually playing Minnesota and felt their fans. It's serious. And bells and whistles are here. If you have a chance to if you have a chance to come see this stadium, please do. It's a great place to be. I want to get your perspective on the reaction in Mexico. That's always important after these games. But take me inside that MLS locker room. Like, what are those guys saying right now? How are they feeling? I think they're excited. But I also think they'll forget about this very quickly and go back to their clubs and understand that they have a playoff push a lot of them. We're in MLS cup to win. So I don't think they'll go out and have a night as a small night but not a big one because they have games on the weekend. Very, very small night. You know? Hey, you know who's not gonna forget this is the Mexican press or you know it's gonna be fine item number one, a block material. Can you translate something for me? Yeah. And I know you know it very well.

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