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This season from his interior spot with a sack to start the second half, and Kurt Highness fighting back left to right across the pocket to go and get filled your Covic and remember Paul he injured. Covic had some words in that 3rd 2nd quarter, so he gave him some more words. The offensive lineman for BC, pushing her Highness back. It's the defensive. Expert native Happy to see the quarterback Pittsburgh native play action Covert drops back drops deep in your pocket throws to the near sideline, complete to the 40 yard line and out to the 41 1st time. We've called the name of Hunter Long leads all tight ends in the nation and receptions. That's his first catch. And it goes for 16 came far right over the hash all the way to the left by the numbers for filled. Your Covic on that route, caught the ball right in the soft spot of the Zone defense by Notre Dame. Consent now at 41 yard line. That's their own 41 yard, like Notre Dame Pass defense. Very good. In that first half round. We talked about your Covic finishing for 16 along with his first catch just a second ago and also say flowers, the top receiver, only two receptions in the first half. Jakovic, quick catch and release to the right fumble again too long, the ball knocked away. Not a fumble in complete. Drew Whyte was all over long and knock that away just as the ball got to work. Well, I'm gonna I'm gonna see if they would review this call because Hunter. Long caught the football made a football move. So maybe it's like last week that happened at Clemson short catch and release about a five yard out ground. Andrew. Why terrific coverage there. No review. Second down Send now from their own 41 13 48 left in the third quarter moving right toe laughter, Covic takes a deep drop throws to the far sideline of the 50 yard line under throws incomplete. Sliding Zey flowers had it in his hands couldn't hang.

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