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Your work, but not just your work everything you've lived through in eighty almost eighty nine years. I'd like your advice, I wanna perform better at everything I do as a human being which includes, you know, relationships living being happy career all the stuff three most important pieces of wisdom or advice that you would offer to someone say who has twenty or twenty five what would you offer just three a good marriage is a marvelous marvelous bedrock and which deliverance life. You have not only a lover. But a best friend whom you can really rely on all circumstances attend. You S bullshit in. This is not. And that's so helpful to have. She no access to grind. Not infrequently. When we go out in the evening. I tried to say, right, Bob, blah, blah, blah, blah. You know, it's wonderful that were person who's concerned about you from a different point of view. The new concern about yourself as an objective perspective and a good marriage is just a wonderful thing. That's one. So definitely have a good marriage. He had two more career is not a bad idea. Okay. To really really enjoy. And knock yourself out to do something original limit and to stay physically active, physically active, beautiful pieces of advice. And thank you so much. It's been a great honor to be able to interview you in to learn from your life's wisdom. In addition to old, the amazing neuroscience. They've done your career. Thank you again for being a prof- radio. Dr kindle, I really enjoyed discussing things with you. We we got the show would you would you normally recommend to people at the end of the show that they read something or look at something from the guests to learn more, you have done so many great things that I'm not sure where I should send people shouldn't ask them to read your most recent book, would that be helpful? So I I've written full books for the general public. I think the one that is probably the most interesting. For the general public is called in. Search your memory. The emergence of new signs of mind. The New York Times book review said is scrupulously decay, que get magnificent panoramic autobiography, I didn't write that. Goes on arresting in indeed, unforgettable an enchanted. Nice thing to set about his been a road three of the books. I think that's the best book. That's the best book RS general introduction to my work. And the first of the full the next book ever over is called the age of insights, the question to stand beyond conscious in awed minden brain competed, nineteen hundred to the present. And that takes my interesting Kokoschka Sheila Viennese artists come from. And brings my interest in autumn. Today's Aren a third book wrote is I'm interested in pointing out how the autism scientists and not to worlds of fought. But Welford artists used the same kind of strategies that scientists use in order to solve that problem. He was reduction strategies. So they may paint in very simple ways. Take a Rothko. Like, this example, what can be more reductionist lightness, right? Or does you know bands of Colorado's? If you sit in front of one of these paintings in second religious experience because each one of those bands of color is in fact, several years top of each other. You can see the deeply is coming through. And surely a almost religious experience. It's wonderful. I love that you wrote a book on art and brain science, it seems like sometimes in the quest for reductionism and western science the role of art gets lost and hearing so mob. Listen, it's so such if you go to my house, he would have such a good time. Even my office. I have ought hanging on the wall hip. Denise, and I just love to be surrounded by on weekends, usually at least one museum or something. Like that. That is so beautiful. If you've liked today's show, I highly encourage you to read some of Dr candles books, and any of these books will be illuminating in. It's rare to be able to get inside the mind of one of the great leaders of science and see how he thinks how we've all been even how he thinks the brain in art interact. So if you like reading or we like listening, I highly recommend Dr Kent books..

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