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Increase thirty three percent less cops. Gee, I wonder what that recipe means guess what else we told you about we told you about that the cold case unit from the Dallas police department which goes after cold cases has basically disbanded, and they say, well, we haven't disbanded my, but everybody in that cold case has been sent somewhere else, and they say, well, we're not disband just robbing Peter to pay Paul, as, as WFAN, TV channel eight's Rebecca Lopez reports. So they will we got we got we got we had shift. We shifted seven people into a homicide which we'll get into a minute. Cold cases in February Dallas police were bragging on their website in February. Look, we just solved a couple of cold cases look this on their blog and then just last week their disbanding the cold case unit. Meanwhile, some of the people, they claim to serve and care for the most African American folks in the south side are on channel eight WFAN TV two different African American women talking about how they're brother and their cousin are dead. Two different cases and they're not getting solved and their lives matter. But you see, then we find out that, you know, why none of these murders are getting solved. We find out why so many home asides are happening in the city of Dallas and white crime is so rife. Why there is a hundred and fifty one percent increase in robberies. In Dallas eighty eight percent increase in a salt, sixty eight percent increase in forcible sex offenses. St. human sixty five percent increase in burglary breaking and entering and fifty percent homicides, by the way, how bad is it? We actually doubled. We almost double the per capita murder rate for this past month of Chicago. We literally are almost double the per capita murder rate for Chicago this past month in may. Chicago had fit fifty-one murders in may, and we had forty one fifty one to forty one but yet they have two point seven million, and we have one point three million. So when you do per capita, right, because they're literally like twice the size of our city as far as the population when you do per capita. They had fifty one. We had forty one in may. And yet they've got twice as many people per capita. We're almost double for the month of may, I you seeing a trend here. Figuring this out streets are getting slaughtered and.

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