Coffee Lake, Pentium, Amcor discussed on The WAN Show Podcast - Intel Obscuring Specs? - WAN Show October 6, 2017


Yeah hormone hero bring this up seven million like it keeps on trucking this one and then or i three core i 5 and cry seven as fast as possible of a million for can views are what is the core i nine that's got a million since three months ago people like i clearly understand it a little better now than they used to but at least core i nine had the advantage of continuity and i sort of people are shopping for as much through expense and the other issue to though is that they did kinda screwed up because of course i nine had simply been highend desktop yeah then shirt but they've got core i sat ends amcor i5's on the same platform and all men seventy seven forty k r accident acts i can't even remember but whatever though like the kaby lake chips on x to ninety nine they were super done when x to 99 launched now they're like super super mega ultratough because now that coffee lake has launched the me some four years you would only be buying one of those if you were just completed it or you are a professional over clock are looking for like per core records or something because coffee lake is over clocking pretty well five your herds it looks pre attainable and not just for like people who are sorting through trays and cpu so that's pretty cool anyway coming back to pentium so they brought back the pentium brand after having gotten rid of it for many years and they assigned it to their cheapo products and i was kinda like like that feels a little bit like going to said yeah it's like reusing what used to be like top enlighten cream of the cream and like going for like a nostalgia sailed to someone who like i guess in the sense it's like it's if its competitive within tells like old cp use like.

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