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Francis McDormand and Sam Rockwell were chosen best actress and best supporting actor respectively for their roles in three billboards outside ebbing, Missouri Watson Watson's in charge possession of what two marijuana cigarettes. Comedian and actor Jordan Peele added writing to his repertoire as he was recognized for best original screenplay for get out peel is the first African American to receive that on I stopped writing this movie about twenty times because I thought it was impossible. I thought it wasn't going to work. I thought no one would ever make this movie on December fifth comedian Kevin Hart was tapped as the next Oscar's just one day later. He announced that he was dropping out after anti-gay tweet surface. From nearly a decade earlier spoken on I've said where the rights and wrongs work. I said who I am now for what was done it. The Emmys were handed out on September seventeenth after taking a year off HBO's game of thrones returned to their best outstanding drama series, producer DP Weiss. We didn't invent these characters George aren't Martin we cannot in the show. Genius of June. Thank you for letting us take care of your people. Amazon's the marvelous MRs Mazel picked up eight awards, including outstanding comedy plus lead. Actress and supporting actress for Rachel Brosnahan, and Alex Boersting. What does that mean? What are you planter Stocker Stocker, you tell one liners consciousness in conscious personal political personal teams home? Okay. We'd do not lead actress in a drama went to Claire Foy for the crown. Sure, you have to take things too seriously lead actor in that category. Matthew REEs for the Americans my country. Why? I kept doing. Is important. Until Finally, I couldn't I stopped the HBO show. Berry sport a best supporting actor EMMY for Henry Winkler and lead actor honors for Saturday night. Live alum Bill Hader. Happy US box office. Black Panther was the highest grossing film of the year. And avengers 0 war earned two billion dollars worldwide and just forty eight days. Defenses. Gets. Thanks for joining us for this. Look back twenty eighteen the year in review, people and entertainment. Our show is produced by Tom dulack, senior producer, Kevin Delaney, production assistance, TJ routine another.

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