President Trump, Joe Biden, Vice President discussed on Doug Stephan


Bruce has more on steps that are being taken. Joe Biden, using the Defense production act to order private companies to manufacture supplies, like specialized syringes that allow health care workers to get an extra dose of vaccine out of Fizer vials, which would increase the number of available doses. We've already identified suppliers. We're working with them on the move of plan forward. He's also directing FEMA to establish 100 federal vaccination sites across the country in the next month and authorizing more medical professionals to administer the shot. The second dose of those shots is critical, says ABC medical contributor Dr Imran Ali. A study out The New England Journal of Medicine shows that the second booster shot is very essential, especially for our older population because the neutralizing antibodies really significantly Wayne between the first shot and the second shot. CDC says about 2.4 million people have gotten both doses. So far today the president will sign executive orders, boosting food assistance programs and other will restore collective bargaining rights for federal workers. More Cabinet members could be confirmed today, including his nominee for defense secretary, Retired GENERAL Lloyd Austin. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is proposing delaying former President Trump's impeachment trial to February to give him time prepare. Senator Bob Casey, a Democrat of Pennsylvania, says his party should use this time to build an airtight case. The president was able to enrage and incite a mob to come to the capital to seek out and have the intention of killing the vice president in the And the speaker. $970 million up for grabs.

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