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C and stu let me get your reaction to rowland's tweet he says do smith was on a watershed taskforce and opposed action proposing another task force here's a way to prevent action delay on skate anti conservations keeps saying that saving woodland's promotes housing it's a distraction it doesn't so taskforce a way to prevent action you're really just trying to delay things to smith i don't think so i was on the napa river watershed task force for two plus years i think it brought a certain commonality to the community i think it was a forum to where science could be brought into the into the discussion it's where opponents and stakeholders had an opportunity to express their concerns in wishes and and and objections and i think that is an extraordinarily valuable process the initiative by conflict is a terrible way to govern now just because we have a watershed forum or a or at oak woodland forum doesn't mean everyone who's there is going to win what they want but until we can have a a understanding or an agreement of what the enderlein sciences of the oak woodlands and the water in the watershed we can't go forward in any meaningful way and there is a tremendous disagreement on the basic science that surrounds this and i think that's what's also hard for residents to try to understand how they should vote because they're hearing different things from different sides and it doesn't feel like it feels like the hard data is still in the process of being cultivated as well to make more definitive statement on the quality of what's going on which is why the initiative process is such a poor vehicle to resolve conflict within a community randy this listener wants yes randy done the reason that the initiative process used is that everything else is failed border supervisors we all know are controlled by the wine industry and wine industry slash mega pig billion dollar corporations and the board was very much in favor of this initiative because we did the dirty work they knew they would never never get a consensus and the initiative has gotten people together and forced the situation and that's a good thing.

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