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Eight two five five eight hundred four four nine eight two five five why is it that people react in this manner regarding donald trump what is it about him what about his personality that makes this kind of reaction eight hundred four four nine eight two five five call me i can tell you for sure that when the donald goes after people like me brzezinski that's just it it's a mistake it's a mistake especially when you have such incredible talent and such an incredible sense of humor to make the kind of statement that donald trump may regarding vince mcmahon and the w w e then too cheap in it by going after somebody who don't matter such nobody who nobody cares about meeker brzezinski her father zbigniew brzezinski was a an amazing security analyst he was an adviser to the president he is remembered very fondly but his daughter con insist out there she's with morning joe joe scarborough let them so let them do their thing who cares who cares donald we do not need to cheapen the brilliance of your presidency the brilliance of your office and the incredible humor that you show you don't need to do it this is a tool oh and you do not misuse it tool just as a carpenter cannot misuse their hammer cannot misuse their screwdriver they know how to use it you need to use your tool of this twitter as a remarkable method of communication i'm brian oxman sitting in for robert dhabi you're on the robert dhabi show arm causing.

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