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We had a quite amazing moment at the press conference and following it when professors witty and grounds were were asked to respond to questions and an unto respond to this viral tweet from nikki menards about poor cousins friend who had some serious problems. Apparently with his anatomy after getting the vaccine is probably wasn't expecting it to be scrutinized by the uk's chief medical officer. How much of a problem is that kind of viral tweets from celebrities or is it to be honest. Just quite funny. Oh i think is a huge problem and you saw from. Chris wishes response that you know he. He finds it distressing. I mean i couldn't tell whether you've actually heard of human nausea did a good job of sorts of responding to the general problem of misinformation. Thank you so. There are a number of myths that fly around with varying some of which are just clearly ridiculous and some of which are clearly designed just to scared happens to be one of them that is untrue. My own strong suggestion. If i may to media present and not present is repeating them in public actually just gives them credence which they don't need and as we've gone through the summer where there is enough immunity that people consider behave more or less as they were before without the sky falling in. I think we are in a particularly dangerous moment. Now with this where you could easily look around and think what is the fuss. What was this all about to begin with. Look know there's no it's all been a bit of a sky or it's open a bit overblown. And i know that this health professionals and people in government. Oh very worried about that. As it were the the liberation that signs has afforded us could end up being weaponized against the signs. Never a dull weekend with mr by fell back. Thanks ever so much for joining me especially as ever and that's all from us this week. Make sure to listen to friday's episode of politics. Wiki extra to jonathan freedland conversation with none other than the former secretary of state and presidential candidate hillary clinton but for now i want to thank our guests rather grotty ruina mason and rafael bear the producers. Were hattie moya and daniel stevens. I'm jessica alba. What do you look after yourself. And thanks for listening. This is the guardian..

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