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Dear friend of mine In who was the excessive From the stories the American band and On I I also met up with a in Bill Yeah L. X. King Working with Mr Free at become friendly. I'm sorry I said working with Mr Frith yes that's right And I was. It took a long time to settle on the vocal Position you know I knew that I was working on from those thing is that I had I played with or or emulators it or whatever I I knew I wasn't going to be easy to find a singer could Get into the songs and really bring some magic out of them I I what we had to Paphos of songs. We're coming along but it was all about. Who was gonNA portray them and seeing them but it's the key being held him So that took a while. I understand you. You auditioned like over. Forty people to try to get that right voice Would sell these songs because it all comes down to that doesn't it? The end of the day is one of the people reference thirty spend It's a jump you know. It is a job and the job is to be successful at it and make enough money to not have to worry about next week Wages right right right right so you you bring in Al Greenwood as you mentioned McDonald. I think you've got hundreds germ you stole under stronger. I believe Elliott and and then ended with the ED gag gag gag yard. Excuse me I'm base a bleep. He's passed a rest in peace And and now it's just finding the right singer and you stumble across this a band black sheep right and Dane. Read that as soon as you put the needle down your life. That's the guy Yeah I pretty much knew Immediately It was Something about the the timbre voice and the fact that he had he was like a big fan of Steve Winwood That was Steve. Winwood was one of the voices I had in my head. When I'd right some you know it would when before I had a fixed. A singer Yeah Yeah Yeah so and I had I had met with Steve. I I During those years to it was him when he was doing traffic. end Yeah I mean it was that was another they'll period that was really Very cool was working with the guys from traffic and a yeah and Most so being one of my favorite bands and Anyway so so Lou. Graham is the guy that that finishes up this This outfit three Americans to Brits. You've got another American singer. You're working with kind of like what you were doing with the with Gary Right. Although it doesn't sound like that was consciously done and You put this group of songs together and I understand that Somehow the the mixed didn't work and you end up remixing the album. What why? Why did that happen? Well And then I had become pretty Much of a.

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