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I think scooter Jaden Jaden Smith, that's his brother. He loves Jada. You think more? Yes scooter. Yeah. Scooters like his dad, I think scooter would probably be in the party. But I think that like Justin would want his brother to be as his if you look at ninety just the comments just the way they've always spoken about each other like Justin, and they call each other like brothers like I love you, brother. You're my brother. I totally see, you know, who else would be this would be one that would be both on the on the groom's side carlin's that pastor on the bright side Lawrence. His wife would be in in Haley's party. Don't you think they would just marry them? Yeah. Sorry. But if they weren't they'd be the party. But yes, you're right. I just assume Christiana Mary's all wedding. So I forgot that like other people do like actual passers. Jesse's guy really really really close with Ellie. They. Yeah. Definitely be. I think Bella would be in it. I think Ballengee would both be and I think so too. I think would be the prettiest bridal party in the history of bridal parties. Also, then she's some other friends that are less famous. I don't know how to get messed up Qelia, mo- knees. Yeah. She would be it. They have a lot of other friends who knows about like, let's think about Justin also eight hold on Haley side, another guy that would be just is that guy. Joe termeer? I think it's Killian husband. I could be wrong. Don't forget him. If I am. But they'd be in it. Okay. What asher? I don't know. I think it would be there. But I don't think he'd be in his party. I think you have to. I think the the thing Justin is that he has a lot of people that are really big influences in his life. But I don't know if you'd make them groomsmen necessarily, right Johnny the guy Johnny from shots. Yeah. They're really really close who else just like really closely surprising amount of people know, he has an also I don't know. How would how kind of manifest itself? I mean, again, I don't know the relationship. I do know that him and Patrick Schwarzenegger. Patrick Schwarzenegger are really close. Yes. I don't know close enough. Just the party itself would have so many people so many, and I say that like with reservations of me, knowing I don't think it's gonna happen. I do still think that there's going to be a big party. I think it's. Yeah. Because I think there's a part of that wants that fairytale. But but would be the point if everyone knows already married in their advertising that they're married. Why do you really think that they would celebration? Yeah. It's kind of like you have a kid, and like everybody knows you have kitschy so birthday party for them. Who's table? Would you wanna be at the wedding? Will that was the next question, which I think we should get into another time. But well, we want we could table it. Let's just say what table you'd want to be at like, family wise. But I think we can do a dinner party game with picking who you I would like to sit with totally that's for next week. But so this grow again when she emailed us. She was like would you wanna be with credentials or you want to be like Wilson stable just assuming that we'll be there because of course, celebrity wouldn't and what we came to is like it's a wedding. It's not a formal dinner. You can't get up. I mean, it is formed in you can get up. So I probably would want to sit with crashing to hear what they were talking about. And then I could make my way to we'll stay like and make my way to scooter near L and all of them. But I think I'd want to be stationed with the Kardashians. Probably unpopular opinion among non code Ashi lovers. But. That's where I'd wanna be my base. Yeah. And I could be sitting with anyone Jada gets up to go to the bathroom. I sit next. We'll for a little and I make my way over, you know. I don't know..

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