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Any news is good news so on that on that thought their shoulder it reminds me of joan delivery i think it was two thousand twelve there was a prank going around the internet called taco copter and it was combining two simple things you know lightweight you know four armed drones and delivery of food and it was just a prank just some kids i think up in boston made a website and just joking around about actually delivering tacos but it got people thinking that maybe this is actually a legitimate thing domino's in the uk they they framed it as a test they had a a delivery drone before amazon got involved pick up a pizza box flight up into the sky and then drop it back down to the ground and the youtube video i think has hundreds of thousands of views on it there was a company of startup actually in southern california called the burrito bomber came out either late that you're twenty thirteen all well before amazon again to two simple concepts food delivery in an robotic drawing the canary lightweight payloads and it started from a prank but it really started to take on a practical application in i as was at a different agency at the time and encouraged one of my clients to really jump on board and they thought it was the most ridiculous thing ever and that's how i knew it was probably going to work because he's people that really you know weren't good with technology and didn't really understand it very well thought it was a terribly dea so that's on me this is probably a really really good idea this is probably gonna get a lot of publicity if we do it if you're struggling with creativity in the workplace getting your boss to buy an even if you try that other trick that i tried that i told you about earlier instead try to frame it like it's just an experiment everything is an experiment and if you do it like that like domino's in the uk did they even said on their youtube video this is a drone delivery experiment it's almost like when you know card car manufacturers roll out those those cars.

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