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During the riots, it said, all we want you to do is like us back. And that resonate denied as a coach, but as a human being and it worked so far out. So I think part of his persona is bigger than the game itself. I don't think he's the best coach in the world. I think he's the long ways from the worst coach in the world, but I think his overall persona has made him one of those top coaches we talked about. All right, this one is much more, I don't know, hits home with you maybe. I'm sure you've thought about this. I'm sure you've seen it all on social media, whether to maybe talk to your friends or even grandy about it on the air I'm not sure. So again, this weeks ago, but I haven't had you on that. I'm a jump the gun here. I'm not one of the top 15 Celtics of all time. All right, listen, whether or not you believe you are. Whether or not you believe you are. The Celtics put out did I jump the gun then? Well, you did jump the gun. But that's okay because there's more here. So here was the list for anyone that missed it. In no particular order. Larry Bird, Paul Pierce, Dave cowens, Kevin Garnett, Tom heinsohn, Kevin McHale Robert parish, Bill Russell, bob cousy, Dennis Johnson, Sam Jones, Bill sharman, John havlicek, JoJo white, I lied. It wasn't a particular order. I saved this one for last. Ray Allen. This list came out and everybody, everybody, almost universally reacted and went. What? Ray Allen. I mean, only guy in the list doesn't have his number in the rafters. You have your number in the rafters. Garnett will have his number in the rafters. I don't think ray will I really don't believe that. Nor do I believe he should, by the way, which is a that's an entirely different conversation. But Ray Allen being on the top 15, you want to say like, just based on their NBA careers, sure. You know, like you and I have had that conversation about Garnett before. But if we're talking about what they did in a Celtics uniform, top 15 Celtics of all time, so many people reached out to me when I tweeted this list after the Celtics put it out on Twitter saying like, how in the world is Cedric Maxwell and there were a couple other people that were named as well. But how in the world is Cedric Maxwell not on this list before Ray Allen. I'm asking you, Cedric Maxwell, how are you not on this list before reality? Even if you don't think you should be on the list, you got to admit you're on the list before ray. No, I really don't. I love Ray Allen. And the reason I love Ray Allen's because I see Ray Allen is me. Being one of those guys that you actually forgot how good he was. The Boston Celtics when they got together, it wasn't a big two. It wasn't Paul. It wasn't Kevin. It was rate included in that. And I think he goes by the wayside for that. One of the greatest shooters, the.

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