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That he did not biggest finnish me again. Because i don't know every two seconds he said that. And there's something that stands out about lying to me like that nine encapsulates so much about intergenerational conditions that we are living under extend a we go to to To rise up from poverty law was come from the protection that all parents are doing for us. You know the extent that they will go to. Just make sure that we have a bad life. The them a we'd stay in the same conditions that they stay you know suicide. Yeah like my mom's mom went to the blood soup to protect him is testament to love as a testament to how she wants her son to to succeed. Enter to thrive in life and Stay i'll that's what we're trying to do. Knife state line by any means necessary. Yeah i know so. It was money that you have to pay. Hey jamie you're ready published and we're still paying money to to maintain your line to secure your future as well as a few giant. I mentioned jay haas in your epigraph because you also mentioned other musicians in the collection of poetry poor as well. I mean. I think that this this collection to me. I felt what you are doing is that you are making connection between i feel like you are establishing an ancestry with your work to other to your predecessor and to people who have influenced you and inspired you and i'm going to explain that as our conversation. Go along but for now. I'm going to focus on the influences on the collection so in your poem tattooed gentle youth. You include an excerpt from a song by frank ocean and the is new world new sky so blue is black to and is from front lucians carousel and then in code. This the poem after that one you you reference gucci mane gucci gucci just like a wedge straight into onto mode which again and i'm like no that's wrong and you also a referendum kanye west as well see references song. Ultra light bean and in this particular song you references song at the end of the collection. The busy this school one does gigs. One does a caterer wan. There's a fellow for the team. See what is the conversation between poor and music given the ought is that you have just referenced and the ones that i picked out in the collection they are doing wa what the collection is doing which is reflecting the life and times.

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