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Welcome to the first amendment Friday on the Lars Larson show floors put in the driver's seat you talk about what you want to talk about government is the problem is off limits we American call eight six six eight six six your first amendment Friday with Lars Larsen the back of the Lars Larson show its first amendment Friday night favorite night of the week and if you want to jump into the best conversation and talk journalism you can do it right here at eight six six Hey Lars that's eight six six four three nine five two seven seven emails go to talk at Lars Larsen dot com that you might have thought that the race card can only be played under certain circumstances but now there's a race card for the coronavirus Democrats hoping for the twenty twenty presidential nomination seem to be competing over who could look more awful but later on this hour I'll talk to a man that says if they win big of the year in the election this November we could lose America as we know it and I don't think that's an exaggeration the Los Angeles county sheriff has bragged about letting illegal aliens out of custody fact he did it again just this week and we will talk about that as well all talk with an ice official about the consequences coming up in a moment I would like to see a cast a vote in our Twitter poll doesn't cost anything we just put it out because I like writing a question out of the news of the day our Twitter poll tonight should major American cities set up safe spaces so called to illegally use illegal narcotics the idea's been talked about it a whole bunch of big cities in America Seattle Washington is one of them north of me but Philadelphia is the one that finally got a federal judge to sign off on the idea and in case you're wondering I think it's a terrible idea I mean I almost think it's a contradiction in terms when you say should we set up a place where people can take an illegal substance heroin and do something illegal with it injected in your arms and we will call it a safe injection site even though everything about shooting heroin is inherently unsafe including the source of the heroin because while fast Eddie Rendell the former governor of Pennsylvania is behind part this proposal in Philadelphia and while a federal judge has signed off on its legality they're not going to produce supplied the drugs they will supply clean needles which is like saying so you can buy a product that was made somewhere else in the world could have been Afghanistan could've been Mexico you will melted down in a spoon you know add some water and make it into a substance that can be injected you'll then filtered through a cotton ball and then you're going to stick it in your arm and injected stuff into you but because you're using a clean needle it has to be safe no yeah sure that makes plenty of sense let me think about that for just a moment our Twitter poll should major American cities set up safe spaces to illegally using illegal narcotics absolutely positively not but.

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