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Stop t shirt with your nineteen dollar monthly donation. Visit saint jude dot org slash. Won't stop now to donate today. You for supporting saint judkins. This was very interesting. You guys nikki and brie bella of the bellas on the show. They've been the wrestling sisters who then became entrepreneurs and mothers together. They're twins and they have a reality. Show like a kardashian light kind of show. I've never really watched. It wasn't really my gm though. They seem lovely. They're ending their show because they said they said we love filming reality. We don't mind it but you start seeing your kids and that's what you have to start to think about. She said my daughter hates the cameras. That's what brees said. And they both basically who have. Kids said You know it's not something that they can consent to and we're not really comfortable filming them and having the cameras around all the time and yeah. I think it's very interesting. You know Especially in this day and age of the reality shows where the social media goes so much with it. And it'll be really. I thought when the crash said they were going to end their reality show. My my first thought was. It's the kids. They all have kids. The kids are resisting. It maybe together. They decided let's just not make our kids to be subjected to this. This is the truman show which they actually talked about in the kurdish scott's like that is like the truman show me like mason was built. You know birth on camera. She pulled him out like we saw all this go on and the kids like eleven twelve or something and so it's it's interesting. There could be more to it. Could be that. The money wasn't that great. That's a mutual goodbye. It could be that we make so much on social media. We don't want to could be that we're gonna start our own channel and it's gonna be a paid subscription channel that in fact we would actually make more of an control ourselves almost like an only fans but for our family and we don't have to stick to their schedule or you know the grueling but i believe that it is. You know probably good that they're doing this and i think they just don't want to wake up one day and say that have their kids be like you ruin your life because you put us on camera No matter what you guys your kids will blame you for every decision you make even giving birth. I was Going into labor on. October twenty nine to three and they said it's so subtle though you could go home and how the baby probably thirty first or we can give you the medicine and you have the baby now. Had the baby then on the twenty ninth to this day. He's pissed he's not born on the thirty first. he said. I made the wrong decision. So just these kids might be like. We had an opportunity to grow up on camera like the kardashians. Look where the kardashians are now. They are all billionaires. And you took us off e and now you know. We can't even afford a condo and we're twenty-five lake who knows what they'll say to them. Okay this is a photo I have from when. I said i'm in my trailer and i couldn't say what it was. Four but if you watch the bachelorette last night you may have seen a tiny glimpse of my face in an upcoming episode. Yes everyone i am on the bachelorette a week in a week monday. June fourteenth my birthday also the same day that the weight where is it that the housewife and the hustler. Errors on hulu. Which is the documentary. That i'm part of again. I told you the interview in a couple of hours. I don't know how much i'll be. Featured i was just in that trailer. So let's just talk about the bachelor rat. Here's a also a photo of me. I hung out with kaitlyn. Bristowe and teasha are that the host. They are taking over four Chris harrison at this time as the host of the bachelorette. So i was very excited. I got the call. The email are you know. There's an opportunity here and thank god. It worked out perfectly At a there was a moment was it and it was going to conflict with when i did my shows in dallas to my dallas juicy scoopers. I want you to know how much i love you. Because i was about to turn it down if i had to move those dates because with covert i think had already moved him twice and i was just not willing to do that. Luckily it fell perfectly. That i did a week there and then flew from New mexico to dallas. Because i had to do five or six days of quarantining by myself in a two bedroom hotel room here at that resort and they gave me a ton of snacks ahead room service and the days went by so quickly. I you know i did podcasting and some stuff. I was on the phone all day. I was reading things. And before. I knew it'd be like seven o'clock and so you guys will have to watch the episode but i a facilitator group date And the guy is real. I got very charmed by many of the guys. Some of them not so much but a lot of them grew as i got to know the my initial thought was one thing and then when i got to help them on this date i started to like how favorites and kind of be charmed by some of 'em. So i think it's gonna be a great season katie's a total delight. I like it that there's two girlfriends to former bachelorettes helping her. I think it's going to add a cool dynamic in a a nice kind of counseling aspect to it and the guys are a lots of different types which is kind of cool too and so yeah. I watched it. I watched the episode the first episode. And it's crazy to think about like how cold it was. Because i know how cold it was because i was like in my balcony seeing seeing where they're filming off to the side and then when people i would hear voices but i couldn't go outside for six days so i'd like look through my people to see like do i see any guys And then of course. I got to meet like ten. I think on the group date so guys watch this season. Tell me what you think. Tom what you think of my day again. I don't know how much they're gonna feature me. I just want to make sure that you guys watch next monday night and then go and watch. I mean really barely on tv. And then the two things. I earn the same night. And it's my birthday like oh my god. What a busy what. What a busy way anyway. Love tesa and caitlyn their superfund katie. She was just great. Could not be in very pretty in person very delightful. The guys are very interesting. There's some really and then as we go on there. I'll tell you there's one guy i don't know how it ends. There's this one guy. He's great he is a carrot top like a hotter prince harry. I predict that. If he don't end up together.

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