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So speaking of those different types of stories whether it's a celebrity interview or or talking about i don't want to say much more important thing. Celebrities are lovely but like hard news important social justice issues which stories. Du most enjoy or look forward to covering like. What's the stuff that gets you excited. Is it the george. Clooney interview or the Yeah covering george. Floyd did not mean to make like george george that somehow those merv my examples but yeah what what is it about. What do you like the most. I think it's almost tough to say. Which one i like covering better in terms of they have such different impacts on me like the celebrity are great. I interviewed rick springfield the other day. And you know that was fun. And i got to talk about his new booze line and i got ask you know what a seven year old rockstar gets up to. An and i left feeling lights and you know had some laughs. And that's a good feeling but i didn't get into journalism fully just to be you know to to do light news. Do soft news though. I really enjoy it and that is why do mornings Specifically i wanted to make sure i had a mix of the two because it can tend to be a bit heavier on the decide. But what i will say is that i feel like i've really earned my keep that the days that i feel that. I've done my job as a social advocate and that i've done my job in telling both sides of the story. That's the heavier stuff. So with will use the george floyd again that you know. That actually was one year ago..

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