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No bounds. You said that you're stupid. That's what he's saying to her boss. That's not cool. You guys. The tweet of Trump's that he re tweeted and said that he was absolutely right. You don't. He soldier. He's right. You admit he's right. He was right in that moment. However, it was still inappropriate for him as a husband to do it. You don't say that about your spouse's, boss? You don't there are certain things that you do. And you don't do. That's one of the things that you don't do. You don't go crap in your in your spouse's workplace. Well, you're wrong. You're wrong. You're wrong. Modern day. Ralph kramden, I keep waiting for a tweet where he just goes straight to Alison, that's that guy is gone. And that show is no longer on the air because why you say modern day, we're in modern day. Did that lady work? I've listened his wife work on the honeymooners seriously answer that question. Did she what was the name Alice house did Alice work outside the home? Yeah. Okay. Then you answer. My I'm actually starting to get your tainted with Kellyanne for not divorcing him me to get it together or just at least putting him in the hospital. All right. So we mentioned this yesterday you to shrews offended a large portion of the listening audience you tack you're mad at this guy for attacking boss, but you attack an entire swath wasn't an attack an attack or the mockery. You did. That you did the voice you talked about pocket. Protectors. Clips gems. The voice the voice. Burkhead around like, I don't really want Kellyanne Conway to put her husband in the hospital. I do want her to divorce him for real. But we really do. What are we do want very angry that she could do much better? I mean, I think that she she'd get I think she'd get a legit Hoti you guys legit Hoti. I think she can upgrade. I'm not kidding. Literally. Anybody would be an upgrade from the.

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