Ramos, Blizzard, Roger discussed on WTF with Marc Maron Podcast - Episode 829 - Edie Falco


At one slick mortified and and exhilerated biamba leroy this could happen rough the cops didn't com nobody shut down the place it was something was justin shameful part of the dash door of your father mad anywhere so um how that happened and i i it was a man was one of many magnificent about being there with my mom it's great when did you start doing well they would occasionally throw me all these community theater and then went to college and i thought i thought i'd be a shrink over in i would those what at the time was most interesting to me i'm not sure it's not still what's most interesting to me but one of the teachers in high school said you know aren't you in the plays and stuff at school may want you become an actress on here thought it was such a strange thing to say you become an actress if you're famous or so as you're from ramos thought yet reunion you'd another path to write to seemed preposterous right way it does right but i knew that i'd get to do plays a college and so that's kind of how how battled blizzard was you down showbusiness dad was a drummer i real for us in on like the cat skill thing no hearing yeah like he was in a show room band in the ass your i mean for guys i think of something like that we supported himself as a kid yes or use ikea like in roger and a singer yeah frankie falconio's orchestra was called in these to play up in the cat up in the catskills and i was a kid that's how we support himself when he went to the high school music and art here and he wasn't sure what path he would follow but i think he saw the drummers being a.

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