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Ahead and go with an a. Gene the the difference lies in some some some semantic qualifications here qualifications harvey korman might ask And the semantic is the difference between audit and recount and audit requires inspection beach individual ballot. That's what trump has been asking for. That's what his lawyers have been asking for or taking the entire trunch of ballots that came in via mail or they don't even know how they got hundreds of thousands of them Digital media file here today from Who is it from the same woman. You're talking about talking about how. That box has a bunch of ballots in it and it has no creases. There were never folded. How in the hell did they get here via mail if there were never folded you. You can't send an eleven by seventeen. Bill like that through the mail as a ballot expected to arrive out of being on crumpled up and stuff. That's why they have folded and a half and safety seal. It woman goes those aren't they don't have creases on them..

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