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I said a tweet days ago saying maybe just maybe now i'll have my own promo code and look at this. You know. I think that's what that's what. Espn is doing. You start every so and you like former two division champ. Daniel cormie what you won't get as your own promo code brother as crazy man listening. Dc you have so much vegas vegas like your city. You've been in so many big fights here. Let me have something all right this weekend bro. I'm proud by getting approval. Call going forward man. I really do. Listen we're probably not you're right. We're in vegas for reasonable right. We're in vegas for the biggest pay per view of the entire year right. Dana said it's trending pre-sales better than any pay per view ever connor kabaeva so two point four million. So he's thinking this even bigger than that that speaks to the matchup. Do we got a trilogy. Poor versus mcgregor three from your side of things. What do you feel about this fight. After watching the first who so many times so i most recent trilogy that was big time was obviously you st pay and you kinda get the same thing right you. One guy wins the first fight. Another guy wins the second fight. So i'm trying to see what are the adjustments. Also one of the adjustments in conyers demeanor right. We had nice guy that was going to that was going to donate to charities. Everything is great coming up to the fight and obviously doesn't change the way you attack your craft but i believe you can only be one way. What are the adjustments. He makes not only in his style but in a way to hear approaches the fight. So here's the question doesn't make that much of a difference. Does it make that much of a difference if your nicer if you mean i mean connor. When he was on his way up was living crazy life. It was extreme. It was insane. He was doing all kinds of these partying hanging out. That led to a lot of the issues outside the octagon. Those issues are still gone right so even though he's a project in a much more intense way it's the same thing. Connor is still living the life that he was living before. So i'm questioning whether or not it makes that much of a. Yeah we'll see we'll see what you're missing is yeah. He was living a crazy life. We all have to mature and grow. Yeah we not ask. We don't ask. Jay z to rap about the marcy projects. The i hear you so. Connor has to make those adjustments. Have to understand that. I can't let this dictate the way that i approach. I actually think honesty. Certain guys. John jones conor mcgregor they can be so loose in the cage because they're so lasalle side right. Oh you ruling to take risk. Every time a guy gets into trouble they take a risk right and take a risk losing everything that you worked so hard for. But when you're willing to take risk in life there are no risk in the octagon so you just free to be who you are whereas when i do something i always think about it i like if i do this spinning back kick right. Am i going to get taken down and get stuck. Having to get up. jones never thinks that he's free mcgregor was able to say i'm gonna knock all the greatest way to all time because it in do it because he believes it. I don't know if him making this such a big point that i'm different now i'm back. It's not because he's still living different light while the other piece of it too is this. He has to make that adjustment. 'cause you are adjusting to a new life. You're adjusting to life where you can't crates at buses right. You can't where you can't fight in pubs and so now. What adjustments do i make to my camp to still give me that intensity still give me that isolation to make me feel like i could get loose and i always respected floyd mayweather. Because of this he lived the life outside of the ring. That i felt was crazy. That i felt was loose. But he didn't fight that way right. He fought under control in a way that allowed him to be strategic. When you watch conor mcgregor in fight one. What's the first thing he does comes out. He goes a kick. Yeah the second in kit right. Second strike is a kick. We see that nolan. When you see that type of looseness mimic and mimic life right. Their life or the life was more confined. The life was more normal in connor. Approach to fight more normal. These hers fight. The life was really kinda crazy. A whirlwind right so the first kicks spinning back. Kicks right connie's to get back to that looseness in the octagon. Now one of the biggest issues. I think he dealt wit in the second fight. Is those calf kicks only reason. Those catholics work is because dust and poor. You is also a southpaw and unless conner plans on fighting conventional war those kicks will still be available to dustin pori. Because i don't know if six months is enough time to truly develop the counters to that attack in order to help him. He hopes going back and watching both both fights though if you watch the first fight counter was on his toes a little bit more counter. He bounced around using some of those kicks kept the balance right kept the distance. Do you think he could change some of those things watching the first fight. Go back to that to protect himself a little bit more well. He's got to be on his toes. I mean look at. The numbers is to significant leg strikes. That killed him but also to take downs. Dustin create gave him a different look in the second fight when he got that. I take down. It changed connors ability to just go at him because the takedown was another factor that he had to dealt with in regards to his approach so when he started to stay back a little bit he started to get kicked he was getting hit with a cheque right hook. Yes that's been poor. Create is nasty. Bro he's big and strong. And i think a lot of people misunderstand when they're watching a fight that doesn't portia is a right handed guy when he's got that right in front right and he's land in that nasty jab yup because without power you. He's he's just developed his left hand to the point that he can knock you out on both sides but he lands the jab. It's getting out on the right the right. So so you've been in the trilogy net trilogy. It was one coming into this. Last fight with dustin winning with dusting understanding okay. Now it's even. I even think back to two dustin land in punch and going okay got gotcha. Reminding a mad at holloway type. Is there anything. Dustin needs to change going into the third fight that allow him to win and maybe dominate the way he did in the second or the second. I did this. I did this piece of the day like i did this. Essay forty ufc. And it was all about trilogies. It was all about trilogies and out. You gotta show us how smart no. I'm just saying lafayette schools. All it's not an essay that i gave you a script and i read but there was a line in there that said by the third fight are no more secrets and i think that is so true right. It's going to be in the small details in terms of what they can change. We've seen dust emporia go long before we've seen dustin poor you deal would long hard difficult fights. Connor did at one time with as can he continue that against a guy like porty. Who's going to be pressing. Him has been in a lot of dogfights rights and he's asked the guy. I don't know if dustin has to change much i think he has to do a lot of the same things. He has to go in there with confidence. He has the uses wrestling. Don't go with resin. Connor put something like whoever shoots versus a expletive. Use your wrestling..

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