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Sunday survivors placed flowers at an execution wall at the former Nazi German death camp. They also wore striped, scarves, that recalled their uniforms. Some with the red letter p that letter was the symbol the Germans used to Mark the prisoners as polls earlier in World War Two most prisoners were polish rounded up by the occupying German forces later, Nazis transformed Auschwitz into a mass killing cypher Jews and others. That's correspondent Andrew Stewart. Reporting Soviet forces, liberated Auschwitz on January twenty seven forty five on this day in one thousand nine hundred eighty one President Reagan and his wife Nancy greeted the fifty two former American hostages were released by Iran. They were received at the White House. Breaking news and analysis, townhall dot com. Family physician. Dr Charles Snyder, men talks about a resource for genetic diseases, sir over one thousand health conditions, which are in heritable summer determined by a single sequence of DNA or others may require multiple genes or combination nature and nurture to occur a good resource on genetic diseases genetic code reference from the US national library medicine. The internet address is G H, R dot dot, NIH dot g-o-v. Charles Neiderman, Washington, a Washington state bakers apologizing for a politically charged Valentine's Day, cookie. The generated an uproar on social media, Ken, Bellingham owns Edmonds bakery. Got phone calls from frustrated customers about the heart. Shaped cookie with build that wall in frosting. Letters cookie was one of several decorated with messages like addicted to love and cool beans Bellingham says the cookie was a joke, not meant as a political statement more on these stories at townhall dot com. I'm Rhonda rockstar. Today on the review if.

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