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Don't get attached to anything exactly it's. Like, you know it's like it's basically like the Beatles saying nothing is real. In strawberry fields for so. Rebecca re del Rio comes out. Liftings a Spanish version of Roy orbison crying. He's one of the greatest things you've ever heard in your life ever ever. which is something that you didn't know you want it in two? You heard it. And then once you heard it. You didn't just want it. You need it. To be joyful, pray much because it's so powerful in Rebecca del Rio's. We talked about on this. You know has a three reactive range. So she kills it literally. It's one of the greatest covers the history of cover songs pretty much pretty much. It's fantastic. I never knew I wanted that, but it's not like. Orbison is some slouch when it comes to vocals either. Is a tough one to sing. Yeah, so just kills. It feels it so. She's obviously in that ballpark. And but then she s, she's seeing. She collapses in an but the audio still playing, basically revealing Oh. Hey, it's a recording. It's illusion. It's allusion you can't trust anything. He can't trust anything and Betty Rita or in the stand in the in the audience. Watching this and they start understandably crying because very powerful performance. It's IT'S I. I wouldn't be surprised if that. was a real reaction to them hearing that's on. Yeah, so so That, he reaches into purse finds a blue box. So. We have a blue key now and a blue box. So hey we got to get these two crazy objects together right. I think that would be extraordinarily bad. defined bad. Fuzzy on the adapting. Exactly yeah exactly. That sounds like a text message exchange. Like. They. Did they find the box and Diane Selwyn apartment? Well later you know what you mean when everything they disappear. I can't yeah. I can't remember no. Okay. They don't even find the box. Yeah because it shows up in the. Aunt The, aunt shows up and. It's like she hears the Thud because when the box drops. She walks in. She doesn't look like she sees the box. There's air it's like. It's like aunt. Ruth never left. Yeah, exactly. So, yeah, so but yeah, so so essentially this is. They go back to. Base apartment take out the key the hatbox. that. He suddenly disappears at this point. From this point on, it may all be different exactly. Exactly. Yeah, talking about you know. We've talked about this with the return here the episode Mardi Eighteen When? Cooper in Diane how to cross that threshold? So. So very similar theme there exactly. Gird up surveying, there. The box. They put the key. In. Of course, the box seems to swallow. The bedroom drops to the floor. We talked about that now. It's dark now. It's dark. And then Diane someone's apartment we cut to that in the cowboy shows up telling you. It's time to wake up. so presumably. It's hard telling, but presumably this was a dream. Diane Sell Dream. Well that's. Because of him telling her to wake up, but the question is well. Maybe it's a dream within a dream..

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