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All right, J will start in Boston, where the Red Sox did their part to keep up with the struggling Yankees. W E I 93.7 with the call right hander works in Renfro swings and drives one to left higher D back by the wall, and it is long gone over the monster seats. Red Sox lead to one hotter rainfall with a blast number four and speaking of those Bronx bombers, they lost again. Thanks in part to the Big bad bladder Guerrero Jr on SportsNet 5 90 the fan, the 11 suede, a high fly ball deep playfield screaming down the line. It's gone. Vladimir Guerrero Jr sizzles it to the seats number three, The Giants became the first team in baseball to reach 90 wins. Although it didn't seem like that would happen until the ninth. John Miller on KNBR delivers fastball swung online flying base hit into right center fees given in to score here comes a strata. Rounding third throw will go into second base from Blackman. It's a two run single for Wade and the Giants have gone ahead. 54 Giants. The one strike pitch, swinging the Hammers one center field toward left center way back there, and that ball hits the ground and has grabbed nearly wall by the center fielder on a bounce Hampson coming in to score his about weight is right behind him, and it is a two run double for Evan Longoria. And the Giants get that little extra insurance, which can be so critical at course Field. It is now 7 to 4. Number two Cubbies may have gutted their team this year, but there are still a few remnants. From that historic 2016 team, and one of those guys ended the game in extras against the Reds. Pat Hughes with the Cubs radio network, and now the 11 pitch, a word hits the driving the right deal. It's got a chance it's Cubs win the ball game game winning three run homer, Jason Heyward. And the number one play of the day and we'll end this list the same way we started it with a 2 to 1 win this time in extras in walk off fashion, and this time in the Sunshine State. 9 40 wi NZ 11 pitch drive to center field that goes out more still back and back and back, And also it's a game winner for deal of Cruise in the Marlins. Brian David Cruise along single to center in From third, Chisholm, the Marlins come pouring out of the third base dugout. They beat the Mets tonight in dramatic walk off fashion 2 to 1 in 10. That's falling to 4.5 behind the Padres for the second wild card spot That's going to do it for SportsCenter all night. I'm J. Reynolds it's Thursday, September 9th birthday of former Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops. NFL take center stage today. Got a couple of Super Bowl champs and a Hall of Famer all here this morning..

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