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Good afternoon. I'm Laurie Kirby. Our top stories this three o'clock hour Democrats will give a rebuttal to the nation tonight to the president's address. The president delivers his address to the American people at nine pm. Two more pot shops are approved in Massachusetts. And the Dow soars more than two hundred fifty points before the close, and we all know Amazon do not end up picking Boston for a second headquarters locale. But now the globe is reporting on emails which revealed the city's efforts to do the tech giant. Here's KENDALL Buhl, very hush hush Dan, half toward the city gave a visiting delegation of Amazon exacts last March included predictably, great views. Good food tours of robust development sites at introductions to innovative business leaders. But it also included a sit down with the heads of some of the areas top schools that of the greater Boston chamber of commerce, Jim Rooney says that emphasis on our status as an education hub was right on the money is competing in a global knowledge-based economy. Many of the industries that are growing here require that kind of talent in the end. Boston's wooing Amazon hardly earned a peck. On the cheek the globe reports. City officials learned the company's h to q was going elsewhere what Amazon sent them. Press. Release KENDALL Buhl WBZ Boston's NewsRadio. Amazon is also making headlines for removing a seller of bath mats of all things and doormats because the products are imprinted with scriptures. From the Koran this comes after a complaint from the council on American Islamic relations says the mats are offensive because the writings which are holy to Muslims would be stepped on or otherwise disrespected and Amazon reaches a new milestone on Wall Street CBS's, Diane king hall reports from the new York Stock Exchange shares of Amazon job more than.

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