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Com slash. Is teams are really kind of interesting face. You've got a lot of really know very accomplished veteran players. You got some young players and their as everyone knows. There are a lot of really good prospects. Some of whom might be guys who could contribute as as soon as this year as a manager. How do you. How do you kind of put all of that together. You know somebody again from the outside. Might look at this and say well. It's maybe not quite a rebuild but you're playing maybe for the future you know other seasons especially given the complexion of your division and certainly getting some young guy some experience etc. I'm sure important. But how do you in the front office kind of juggle all of those things. I think it's a really interesting to thinking that you make. I'm an affair. One which is like hiring new in the front office juggled an and i hope and assume that that essentially you're making i believe it. Is that the front office and the manager while we are were. Were seeing the big picture together and thinking through things together. The manager's job and the players job is is not to think about whether it's rebuild. It's not that think about whether Where we are in our progression within not reveal it our job. Try to win today. It's our job as many games as possible so whether that's with a collection of young player a nightmare of young players and and veteran is whether it's thinking out dance in advance little new guys on a forty man roster like santos and castro And the wall like you guys making an impact on point in in our season that you we need to be thinking about hoping that i really do think from my perspective faking about winning today now it goes that that's all that matters. Now we can. I can take a step back. And i can analyze this picture. But one time at the ballpark. And i've got my uniform on my job. Is it do everything that i possibly can. Night that makes sense for sure now spring time of competition You guys look set murata different areas what you feels like that the areas he most wanted to kind of be watching in terms of competition. The the wasser is developing. So i think those things are gonna may change. We may have more competitions stocks. That that we didn't expect out competition but i think Without like bringing any any names some really interesting opportunities earn spots in the bullpen and and in the rotation I think for the most part our position or are you know. Pretty well for And so again without addressing them dip of it. I would say that if there's gonna be competition everywhere and we always want run him. Where players feel like is operatives take down in fact as possible and on the mound of many english possible and that said i think like we. Your point is fair. we out Some better that are a little bit more locked down and others that have a more opening like and opportunities on jobs and who who else do you see in the mix there for for the back end. Guided stand are tired. Obviously get really nice job in in high leverage king barroga's who got down down from love origines four hours and one of the things they about this the closer's role.

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