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I'm John Doman. Findem long. He is our producer and coming up. Security is extremely tight downtown, with the inauguration just days away now. There's a long list of actions. President elect Joe Biden plans to take as soon as he takes office in a 9 42, the latest on any security threats around the region. And what law enforcement is bracing for today on the days ahead of you. T OBY news time. 9 31 Kamila Harris is quitting her current job soon, but obviously will not be an unemployed for very long as the nation and its capital city start inauguration week under near crisis circumstances, what with a pandemic and unprecedented security precautions following the January 6th riot. We're also starting to get timeline information from the Biden Hours team on eight for the vice president elect, says Kamila Harris is going to resign from the U. S Senate tomorrow with a formal announcement expected then, But Senator Harris has notified California's governor Gavin Newsom, and California's current secretary of state Alex Padilla, is expected to be sworn in two days later as Harris's successor, Tom Foti, CBS NEWS Washington In his first hours is President, President elect Joe Biden plans to issue executive orders that roll back some of the most controversial decisions that came from Trump administration as well as actions he hopes will help address the raging corona virus pandemic. Some of those details were outlined by Biden's incoming chief of staff, in a memo that was released yesterday. They include an end to the restrictions on immigration to the U. S from some Muslim majority countries. Biden also plans to move to rejoin the Paris climate accord. And he'll mandate mask wearing on federal property and during interstate travel. Days two and three will also include executive orders related to the Corona virus pandemic worldwide. Now there's more than two people confirmed dead because of the pandemic. It took about eight months to reach one million deaths on Lee four months to reach the second million. Here in the U. S. We're approaching 400,000 deaths. CBS is Daniel Bacchus has more a nation on the brink braces for another threat. The CDC now warning that the highly contagious UK covert variant could dominate the U. S. By spring..

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