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In Beirut, he says some of the injured patients already in the hospital, some patients were ejected from their beds. We've had glass fallen parts of labs have been destroyed. The hospital became a main Trauma Center I. Mean we operated on on children as young as three to four years old knowing that most likely they won't make it but. In these situations, you can decide the hardest thing you have to do your job in all four be ruled hospitals were so badly damaged they had to be taken out of operation. And Four staff died says Dr Feroz abroad who runs Lebanon's largest public hospital his some medical staff had to treat the wounded in the streets and parking lots I asked him if it ever seen anything like this. During the civil war and seeing casualties in. God bombs and blasts of different magnitudes. But what does different this time is the magnitude have yet says, hospitals are already under pressure from the coronavirus. Lebanon is going through an economic crisis to the country imports. Nearly all of its medical supplies says a now deport is destroyed his worried how hospitals manage. The disaster may also triggered a surge in coronavirus cases because it's hard to follow social distancing during an emergency, the hospitals, all the hospitals are working at almost. Full capacity and it would be very hard to see where we can get a different capacity should that is an increase in the number of cases still despite the challenges doctors, nurses state far from giving up tariff. The Beirut Medical Center has hardly stopped working the other day. He helped deliver twelve BB's they gives me hope these newborns I saw have depends I saw I saw a new hope and you hope he says that Lebanon could use more. For the world I'm Shane. Jeff why. Police in Hong, Kong today made their biggest arrest under China's harsh new security law that targets dissent. In Hong Kong media, Mogul Jimmy Lai. He's been a vocal critic of China's Communist. Party. This morning, the seventy one year old was taken from his Hong Kong mansion in handcuffs and later led through his newspaper's newsroom. Also. With reporters live streaming his ordeal Jimmy Lai is charged with collusion with foreign forces. The world's Patrick win joins me now. So what did this media tycoon to upset Beijing so much patrick? Yet Marco I mean this guy doesn't just merely dislike the Chinese Communist Party. He opposed them just he's this very rich tycoon who does not ever seem to be afraid of going to prison or even having his media empire taken away and now it looks like that is happening. He does come out and say things like this, which is from an interview this year with Fox News. Either the value of the West where America we are fighting the same war, your new. We are fighting poverty because we share the same values with you. So. When you say you're fighting a Cold War and want American support that is a huge red line for China's Communist Party and Jimmy Lai says stuff like this all the time. So. If Jimmy Lai's been criticizing China's government in Beijing for years why arrest them now you know as we all can see the US and China are in what may be the beginnings of some sort of cold war over trade technology who controls territory in Asia. So many things and Hong Kong has really been this flashpoint. You see US politicians like Nancy Pelosi and Ted Cruz, cheering on these protesters while in response to that over the weekend, the US put out sanctions. Against Hong, Kong's top leader who is Carrie Lam, and that has provoked them to go after Jimmy Lai or at least that's what it looks like. He's been this golden boy for certain politicians and then suddenly he gets swept away in retaliation. So police also arrested Agnes Joe someone who conforms more with the activists we've seen in the streets for the past year in Hong Kong remind us who Agnes Joe is Patrick and what you represents the central government in Beijing. Everybody in Hong, Kong knows Agnes Chow is she was a teenage protestor in two thousand fourteen for what was called the umbrella revolution, and since then she's now in her early twenties, she has become sort of this is a very young protest movement, Marco. So a twenty three year old can elder statesman in this in this movement and in a sense that's. What she has been I just think it really sends a strong signal that no one is untouchable. So if you have agnes chow being taken down Jimmy Lai being taken down the Chinese Communist Party knows it's going to create a huge fuss. They know that the American media is going to make a big deal out of this and they know that it. Can heightened tensions in this. You know call it what you want cold. War. We also saw today that China has sanctioned Americans including lawmakers, Marco, Rubio, and Ted Cruz what's the thinking behind that the sanctions have gone after senators that are very active in cheering on the Hong Kong protesters but they've also gone after the head of Human Rights Watch anyone that the. Chinese Communist Party views as an American agitator towards the Hong Kong protests, and so what you're seeing is more tit for tat sanctioning. So the US sanctions Hong Kong's political leader, they sanction Ted Cruz and some other senators and it keeps escalating and escalating with no end in sight. The World, Southeast Asia correspondent Patrick win. Thanks for being with US thanks Marco. You're listening to the world. I'm Marco Werman the world. Friday. On the show we told you about the national election in Belarus that vote happened yesterday last night in Minsk the capital of Belarus violent protests got. Flashbang grenades tear gas water cannons, Swat teams, beating, and arresting protesters. This after five term incumbent President Alexander Lukashenka won in a landslide according to official polls there. The results are highly disputed. The opposition believes their candidate one spent Lana took an oath sky. So Bellarusse is into its second day of mass protests and clashes in the streets reported Charles remains has been closely following. What's going on joins us from Moscow bring us up to speed Charles. What happened yesterday? The election results in Belarus came in. Right. So this election was supposed to be the most challenging of Lukashenko's twenty six year career or appeared to be that way until the results started coming in eighty percent of the vote, a landslide with just ten percent going to taken off sky, which is mentioned was the main competitor here her voters found these results absolutely laughable. But in a way they were predictable to Lukashenko controls the electoral apparatus in Belarus, and we also saw big demonstrations against Lukashenko last night in Minsk and other cities protesters facing off against these heavily armed security forces. There were three thousand arrests, dozens of injuries, reports of one death. So all in all just ten night in Belarus. So, protesters saying the election was rigged That's the view from the campus. Fed Lana Tikhonov sky. What are they pointing to his evidence? We'll a lot of things I. There was over forty percent early voting that suspiciously high number that suggest state employees were forced to vote for Lukashenka advance. With the final day we had evidence of ballot stuffing, and if that wasn't enough economic as coalition used a code, they were folding ballots in a certain way horizontally that made it easier to identify. Them. Once they were thrown in the Bin and a lot of the been certainly looked like they were heavily in her favor. Now finally, you can point to polls closed on would-be voters and a lot of cities across the world including Moscow. These were many voters who stood in long long lines..

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