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I i probably promote other workouts more than i do soul cycle to be honest with you i really hope bosses i don't i'm not not promoting soul cycle there in the room i usually always say like take this week you've come to seoul yeah a few times but like you have to balance yeah whether it's yoga we training you know a body by simone type class where it's more freedom of movement not just station around a bike like you cannot take five classes in a row yeah no one day because i gotta think about the simplest way to think about like cardio versus strength is you know cardio if if your muscles are a place to store sugar right because you have three tanks like your liver than ever muscles if you fill up your liver tank philip muscle tanks and whereas where the carbs go fat we talked about this on multiple other things so you think about that tank and it's like carbon loading into your muscles when you just do cardio it's like dumping that tank that muscle tank but when you do strength and when you're sore and when simone's i k pick up your weights and we're gonna use these weights and we're gonna do some ads and we're gonna like your legs are shaking and you leave sore and you're when you're actually sore after that strength training means that you've torn up muscles increase the space or the strength of that tank and so you can't just always be dumping your tanks of cardio is fine but like the minute that workout is over the only thing that you know that you've burned is whatever stored sugar is in that muscle versus strength training when you do the dance class or the tramp class and you're actually sore and you go to sit on the toilet or in a chair and you can barely sit down like there is something to speed said about that because you're strengthening that tank and you're making more space for more sugar and so excessive postage in consumption in the actual after burn of that class is longer than just a cardio so that's my only problem with like cardio junkies who never do anything that increases the strength of that of their muscle tanks.

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