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Are two totally different things to me. Yeah no here's a deal to. George peyton even said in his press conference that they want to be a team next smart and they want draft and develop players. Well guess what if you give up three first rounders which three first round. they said. That's going to be what you know. Generates a little bit of conversation. But it's going to be more likely three first rounders two second round picks and a third and a fourth and then pretend a couple players there that is a lot you're giving up just to get one guy and who knows i mean who could it be a good skeet. I mean never had the offensive weapons to for a guy like shawn watson to thrive but guess what when those guys contracts up. You can't pay them. And also pay shawn watson or you're going to have a very terrible defense and everyone's gonna be complaining about the defense. I mean what ball is is so intricate and also that. That's what makes the salary cap even more impactful. Brady's because you can have you know all these the star players on offense and i think here in two years. We're going to see what kansas city. You can have all this money dedicated offense but when you can't pay some of the key defensive players that's where things start to go a little bit downhill for you and i think that's where we're going to think the broncos window for competing to win the afc west open up and twenty twenty three potential even twenty twenty two but you have to have balance and i i think so. Many people were so enamored with you know. Put up as many points as you can but you know you could put up thirty six points. But if you're giving up thirty eight or thirty nine it's not gonna be very fun. How likely is it that The broncos are able to work out a deal with justin simmons. I think it's very very likely in in terms of what i know. Right now is that there are some traction with that. In terms of george payton as well george pain went around on a little media tour on radio stations and it was talking about. He was asked about justin simmons and he says look. I've been able to watch him from afar. I admire him. And we wanna keep our best young players and we're going to have find a way to keep him and so that's where denver efforts are going to be now interesting angle here is. I wonder if the broncos are gonna make any changes inside that front office staff when it comes to the contract negotiator. The salary cap negotiator richer. Tato who used to be justin smith aging sea before he took the job endeavor now. Justin simmons is now represented by francis. Caa so for me you know. Just in simmons former agent low balled him on the offer initially. And that's you know. That's not something that Justin for you know forgets about you. Know you certainly. Don't blame him. He had a guy who was representing you and then all of a sudden he changes up once he puts the suit on right so This is One of those interesting scenarios. But i do imagine george peyton if he says look. We're gonna lock justin simmons up. It's going to happen so assuming that that happens. Which i think Broncos country really getting happy with what you just said. Assuming you're so good at the safety position there with simmons and cream jackson. We talked about the cornerback side. How far away would you say the broncos defense at this stage getting simmons locked up our. How far away are they from..

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