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I want you to imagine the youngest version of yourself where you can remember feeling anxious just one particular scene. We felt like you had no control over what was happening rainfall lake. There's literally nothing you could do. But sit there and feel helpless when she had a picture the whole scenario. What did you look like? What were you wearing about? How old radio was anybody with you was. There's someone in particular that was the cause of how you were feeling. Just picture the Halsey now. I want you to picture the now version of yourself coming into that scene with the younger you the now you introduces themselves too little you now you becomes immediately aware of what the little you is feeling the field our energy they see their body language. The now you just looks at the little you and they start to let them know that they're here for them. They're here to comfort them now. Just imagine that you begin to comfort them and whatever way you want it to be comforted in the situation. When you were that little you can be a physical comfort and you can hug them a rub their back or you could just talk to them or both. Let that little version of you know that one day. Your Life won't be like this. You won't have to be put into situations. You didn't choose or people that you didn't want to be around. You're going to have a choice. We still can't always control everything that happens to us. When we get older we can control the situations. We put ourselves in.

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