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How. I met your mother when ted moesby is supposed to be talking to the audience. But it's actually what's his name. Bob sag bob second. Yeah what is bob. Saggy do the voice. I have literally. And i feel like he probably signed onto that is just like. Oh yeah fuck it. Whatever and then they did like a nine seasons of these like why do i still have to come in and do this and i'm going to do as much as i don't like family guy like they made one really good joke back in the day which was like and i think it was a pressure was family but they were like yet. Why the fuck is like how i met. Your mother does ted. Mozambique guy voiced by bob. Sag maybe that wasn't even. Maybe i'm getting family. I credit but i'm pretty sure his family guy could just be remembering wrong. Like yeah wiseguy. Who's like only a few years older than the character. He's playing voiced by bob sagging. He could just voice himself himself. It makes no and i never realised never realized how bad that was until like a year or two ago. Were like well no no to go. But like years. After that i watched your mother religiously and i'm watching clips and stuff and i'm like why the fuck is bob saggy voicing him you know the one thing that i've always wondered about how much the main casts have all gone on to be fairly successfully node except for lily robbins. Doing the marvel stuff. Lilly did some stuff and she was already pretty famous before the show anyway. Lots of articles have been about how she's doing nothing lately. I think we talked about all. Also blood episode did we. I don't know. I feel like she's done enough She's canada yet. I mean you've worked as hard as she had from american pie through buffy. Through how am i. Tr- mother say worked hard on american pie. I love american pie. But don't say worked hard in american pie. that's ridiculous. Obviously jason segel's done stuff fucking dead movies been in like one movie since. Here's the thing. Though i think will everything that i read. He made the most money on that. Show oh so. I'm pretty sure. He made way more money than i shit because he's the least entertaining part. Easily say well wait. Oh no yeah. He is okay..

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