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Our interesting facts aren't you may not have heard but yesterday in San Diego the U. S. Mexican border crossing southbound was closed for five hours because of a near riot church apparently formed a group called pastors for peace they organized an effort to get computers and Cuba to assist in medical care US customs received in four weeks back about the effort challenged the church with potential criminal action should the group temp the border crossing custom said that due to long standing embargoes no computers go to Cuba the church rented trucks had over three hundred computers for what they say is to help the many people are being seriously hurt by our embargo so the whole border got closed down going south bound for about five hours there are a lot of border guards there is a military I think that we are anticipating some difficulties at the Mexican border that Sir just my take on things first time caller line you're on the air hi all right hello great to talk to you end user where are you I'm in Wickenburg Arizona listening to you on on the skip J. O. B. out of Albuquerque tonight well that's what a dude you bet I can't get K. FY I I'm not far from Phoenix but because the A. M. well you're you're probably in a weird area for direction for me I'm I'm about sixty miles out of being in the AM power goes down but I find you on the skip wherever you are okay Beason smasher you bet Hey listen friend of mine called me a little earlier this evening and told me that a friend of his called him and was telling him about a mind that a mining operation north of west Yellowstone Montana yes but that had been shut down by the United Nations one day while I don't know that I was shocked when my friend called me nine well where did your friend here this any said on the news and they also said that the people in Butte Montana were very upset about it will buy gifts you know guns type thing I have heard nothing so I thought of anybody of heard anything about this whether you or some of your listeners there in the Butte Montana area or west Yellowstone I'm sure they pick you up in that country they sure do and are Helena and we know Great Falls any that area I'm I I go to Montana for my summer times and found something weird and bizarre down I don't know but this is what I heard he told me he heard it from another friend him as they call him nobody heard this on the news about the United Nations shutting it down I don't know what businesses that of theirs but well with the guy we have in the White House nothing seems to surprise me of what goes on any longer well I I never say never so let us open up you know will open it as a question to the audience see what we can find out thank you are take care yourself take care thank you anybody know anything about that of mine near Butte Montana shut down by blue Troszyn company for whatever reason for the price of gold that one's got me quite surprised is rising very very rapidly right now and I'm telling you that's what you better watch where people are putting its flight to safety that means they're anticipating something east of the Rockies you're on the air hello this is Mike hi Mike where are you I'm in Wichita Kansas all right the reason for my call is I just got back from Australia last week you did and I had are you a friend of mine record your conversation with can garner yes and I have seen rabbits in wheelbarrows and god really about call I want your fax and Mr garner's facts so I can give you guys some information long give you mine I don't have Mister Goddard's handy anyways from Oregon right my fax number is area code seven oh two seven oh two yes seven oh two seven two seven eight four nine nine now make a note do not send including cover more than three pages if you do my fax machine automatically does does not probably just have one page yeah that's gone Mason because when I request if you find it interesting enough because in listening to this stuff can garner was talking of ours control disease control that's right yup etcetera yes I've got all those notes number your conversation about it all I've done I've got a little article here can Goddard was saying that rabbits are not closely related primates and then a day and the day after he said that an article came out saying guess what rabbits are closely related to prime hits yes they are I saw that article as well so I have my notes here and I would like to send you a fax and I can probably find can Goddard's number anyway I know he's in we're gonna check is it no you Jane Hughes and well I got one to send you a fax regarding that because I just got back from Australia I was there visiting and took a little trail of the outback and I saw a dump trucks full of dead rabbits yup I know raising their dying by the millions amazing I know I I appreciate your call Sir thank you they're dying by the millions in Australia it is a designer virus it was on on island off Westralia and they thought nothing can go wrong we will simply tested on this island but of course it got out and when it did in the rabbits began dying by the millions at first the Aussies clapped and yelled and screamed because they've got a plague of rabbits and they were really happy now it may well be that they're beginning to get a little worried of because of because all the rabbits may die before they do they may pass this on to another host and it is a form of hemorrhagic fever related in some way to Ebola same family same idea dissolving organs that kind of thing and one of these days we're going to do something we're going to be very sorry for that may not be this day but one of these days east of the Rockies you're on the air high hello this is forced in Lexington Kentucky yes Sir yeah you were over the past couple days you've been asking about the Clinton's insurance bill in health bill well this this Kennedy Kassebaum bill that would mandate that insurance companies would accept you when you get sick even with some sort of prior condition you know yeah if you'll take a look at Kentucky's H. bill seventy one right I believe you'll find it word for word probably since the house passed that bill mopped it turns premium has gone to three hundred percent wow well how could it not I mean if people are allowed not to get insurance into all they need is as like saying you don't have to have car insurance but listen if you get into a terrible accident you go down to the all state or whoever and they they're forced to sell you insurance and pay off on the accident I don't think so well that that's what they're doing here we've got a morning talk show that comes on directly after yours does right after you go off with an hour after but you still got an hour we don't hear right the talk show personalities key terrains he can fill you in more on that if you can contact him at your local affiliate and I'm sure you've got the number sounds like you'd be worth talking to yeah he's a user I'm just approaching this from a common sense point of view if an insurance company is forced to accept you after the fact then they're really not you can't call them an insurance company anymore and I'm not even sure you can call them in business very long now we're we're down to and there's only one way that that company if you want to call that could stay in business under those conditions and that is it would be subsidized by the federal government is just a sneaky way for the president to get what he wanted all along anyway and that's healthcare for everybody period well but Kurt macos of them led got four we've got for clients and no one can be turned around from one if you can afford them the majority of the working people and I am in that clients are going to be able to for I'm not gonna be able to afford to keep my family insured after my policy runs out in about three months well yeah but supposed let's say you can't afford it so you drop it okay you're on insured now you get the big city you come down with cancer well according to the way I'm reading this you can go back and get your insurance after you've got the cancer and they can't turn you down yeah all that well not away at work okay well that's good and you know the way we were raised that's a good deal for you that isn't to yeah it it it voids the whole concept of insurance it's not insurance it's a national socialized healthcare plan it out so I look there are two segments to the Kennedy Kassebaum bill one is portability and I think that's fine if you're buying insurance there is no reason that you should lose it when you change jobs I'm all for that easy to do with the legislation but this this you cannot be turned down business removes the whole the the very basis of the idea insurance and companies will ensure you based on risk in other words a as you get older insurance costs more if you are a risky lifestyle it cost you more and so forth and so on and based on that they can eke out a profit but if you if you are allowed to go down and run and get insurance after the fact then who's going to carry it who could afford it the people who do Kerry insurance would have such a burden placed on them premium wise to take care of all those people who wouldn't go down and get it till they get sick that the whole thing would collapse but it wouldn't you see because the government would subsidize so then what would we have we do have the Clinton plan right through the back door.

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